Submitting grades

Sakai is integrated with the University’s Registrar Systems. Course and Module Directors may submit grades* from Sakai to the Registrar. Course and Module Directors must follow the steps below to submit grades:

  1. Go to the Site Editor and review all students and ensure that only students who will receive grades have the role of student. Use the drop down next to the person’s name to change the Role or remove the student by placing a checkmark in the box next to the student’s name. For either action click Update Participants.
  2. Go to the Sakai Gradebook and review the final grades on Sakai. Make adjustments as necessary.
  3. Click Tools and select Begin Final Grades Submission.
  4. The system will display every course for which you have permission to submit grades. Select the appropriate course.
  5. Review the grades. When you are done, click Submit. If any changes are necessary exit out of the browser window and go back to the Gradebook and make the correction and restart the process.
  6. Upon submission OSA (for SOM), all Course and Module Directors and Registrar personnel will receive an e-mail with the grades for verification. The grades will be in Oracle for access in the Registrar.

* Clerkship, Post-Clerkship, Selectives and multi-section courses cannot submit grades from Sakai, grades must be submitted manually.