Telehealth in the MHS

Telehealth in the MHS: Impact, Obstacles and Opportunities

December 13, 2016


The Military Health System (MHS) has historically adopted telehealth in deployment settings more frequently than in CONUS. The practice of telehealth is appealing to both providers and patients for various reasons including: the convenience of after-hours care, the use of commonly utilized electronic devices, no requisite for transportation and the elimination of facility costs associated with brick and mortar buildings.




DHH engaged Dr. Ronald Porapotich to review the MHS’s past telehealth accomplishments, current telehealth programs, opportunities to expand the delivery of telehealth services and the barriers to using telehealth. The DHH report details proposed courses of action to address the future of telehealth in the MHS and identifies benefits of expanding telehealth in CONUS that include increased access to healthcare, improved quality of care, better health outcomes, reduced per capita costs and enhanced readiness.


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