USU’s CGHE takes part in Georgetown University’s Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise

USU’s CGHE takes part in Georgetown University’s Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise

On September 7th, all second-year students from Georgetown University’s School of Medicine participated in the 2016 Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise, which was designed to illustrate the health care–public health interface in the context of an infectious disease emergency. The three-hour exercise, held at Georgetown University’s Hotel and Conference Center, included a 90-minute simulation session which demonstrated the importance of preparedness, inter-professional collaboration and teamwork.

Georgetown Med Disaster Exercise

CGHE’s Maj. Geoffrey J. Oravec, MD, MALD, MPH, was invited to take part in the exercise as one of the coaches who led the students through the simulation and subsequent debriefing. He helped students take stock of the structure of a public health emergency preparedness system, to include governmental public health infrastructure, health care delivery systems and public safety as well as responses from employers, businesses, media, academia, and communities. Maj. Oravec also assisted the students in helping identify the roles and responsibilities of hospital and community-based physicians, public health officials, and other stakeholders. He worked closely with student participants to improve recognition of ethical and practical tensions experienced by physicians and other stakeholders in balancing treatment of individual patients with protecting the health of the larger population.

This is the second year of a fruitful collaboration between CGHE and Georgetown University, and one that emphasizes the importance of lending USU’s CGHE subject matter expertise and programmatic knowledge to academic institutions, both military and civilian.

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