We are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

Uniformed Services University's Center for Global Health Engagement is currently looking to hire an Administrative Coordinator for its Programs and Partnership Divisions as well as an Component Assessment Analyst for its Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation Division. For more information please click this link and search for Job ID 212514 and 212554. Both opportunities are full-time and located in Rockville, MD.

Administrative Coordinator Responsibilities:

  1. Provides administrative support to the Center Director, DSP Division, PJFS Division and other Center staff as needed;
  2. Manages the Center Director’s calendar and provides weekly updates;
  3. Coordinates and attends meetings, conferences and teleconferences to include producing agendas, scheduling, logistics (e.g., booking rooms, ensuring VTC connectivity) and materials (e.g., printing, distribution) with both internal USU and external CGHE stakeholders;
  4. Drafts meeting notes and ensures distribution to relevant participants/stakeholders;
  5. Facilitates complex and detailed travel requests by identifying flight and accommodation options and populating necessary travel forms;
  6. Prepares correspondence and responds to inquiries from external stakeholders;
  7. Spearheads document management to include organizing and maintaining the repository, archiving documents, and ensuring standardized naming conventions;
  8. Curates a capabilities database of GHEs performed across USU;
  9. Maintains a detailed GHE stakeholder database, including points of contact across the DoD agencies, other government agencies, inter- and non-governmental organizations;
  10. Assists with development and monitoring of project timelines, documents progress, and provides follow-up as needed; 
  11. Assists with drafting and finalizing of CGHE monthly, semi-annual and annual reports; 
  12. Drafts articles, press releases, and program fact sheets; and
  13. Develops and maintains key personal and institutional relationships.
  14. Completes other projects as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of U.S. government requirements with respect to grant-related work and project-level support, familiarity with global health issues, excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, excellent communication (both oral and written) and interpersonal skills, skill and ability to develop and maintain personal and professional relationships, ability to work both independently and in a team environment, ability to problem solve, proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), proficiency in Google applications (e.g., mail, calendar, drive).

Minimum Education/Training Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree, English fluency, 0-2 years of work experience.

Component Assessment Analyst Responsibilities:

Technical Input:

  1. Conducts background research across multiple areas such as regional/cultural information, political/military context of partner nation(s), indicators and measures of effectiveness, study design and methodology, and analytic method
  2. Provides the AME Leadership with recommendations for study design, implementation and analysis
  3. Works with a diverse team of subject matter experts, analysts, and partners to perform analysis, validate findings, and interpret results
  4. Develops briefings, reports, and articles for a variety of audiences to include technical experts, senior leadership, and lay persons
  5. Uses familiarity with statistical analysis tools and techniques to inform data management, study design, proposal writing, and assessments from the tactical to the strategic level

Operations & Logistics

  1. Supports the Component Assessment Lead and/or Component Assessment Manager in managing stakeholder/client needs, particularly in the Surgeon’s Office at the Joint Unified Combatant Commands and subordinate Service Component Commands
  2. Collects data in partner nation(s) and provides training/guidance to others (e.g., student participants, US personnel in-country, US personnel deployed on the mission, partner organization personnel, etc.) collecting data in-country
  3. Coordinates planning and ensures strategic communication with all relevant participants including, but not limited to, implementing partner (e.g., Component Command), partner nation, embassy personnel, USUHS faculty/students, Interagency (e.g., USAID, Department of State), NGOs, and contracting staff (if applicable)
  4. Works with administrative CGHE staff to coordinate travel  
  5. Completes other projects as needed.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:   Attention to detail; knowledge of global health engagement and security cooperation; ability to work independently; excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills.

Minimum Education/Training Requirements:  College degree required; master’s degree highly preferred.

Minimum Experience: 0-2 years experiences in job-specific relevant field; applicants may substitute educational achievements for general and specialized experience.