Determining Status/Finding Source

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Determining Copyright Status and Finding Source Information

Faculty and staff members are responsible for providing source information for any copyright-protected materials (e.g., images or articles) that they provide in courses.

USU holds an annual license to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) which allows you to use copyrighted materials that are covered by the CCC without having to get permission directly from the copyright holder. In order to see if the material you would like to use is covered by the CCC, go to: CCC's Get Permissions (ER login required) page and type in the publication title or ISBN or ISSN. Then, click on the Academic License link under Annual License Holder. This link will list the ways you can use this resource (course-packs, classroom handouts, electronic reserve, etc.)

If the material that you wish to use is not listed under the Copyright Clearance Center, you will need to get permission directly from the copyright holder. You can usually determine the copyright status of online material by looking for the Terms of Use, Privacy or Permissions areas on websites (including image or graphics sources), or by looking for information about reprinting or gaining permissions for republication for graphics, books, and articles. Most sources of material will provide detailed information about their copyright status and usage terms, but it may be necessary to search for it. Keep in mind that there may be separate rules and guidelines for each element you are looking to use. Some owners of the material promote the use of their work and actually provide blanket permission.

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Start with your Department Chair for initial guidance

Additional Guidance may be obtained through the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to determine what USU already has licensed

For general Copyright Law questions you may be directed to the Office of General Counsel (OGC)