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Academic Enrichment

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CPDR Education and Training

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment of CPDR Trainees Through CPDR's Laboratory Meetings, Seminars and Visiting Speakers

The goal of various meetings scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis is::

  1. To enhance the quality of research
  2. To enhance interaction among CPDR researchers and trainees
  3. To follow the progress of trainees in specific research projects
  4. To learn from the experience of colleagues from other institutions
  5. To be current on the most recent discoveries in CaP and other areas of cancer research.


The CPDR supports the visits of distinguished basic science researchers in the field of prostate cancer for two of the four "CPDR Saturday" lectures on a yearly basis (special seminars). Urology residents receive CME credits for their participation in the Saturday meetings. CPDR trainees actively participate in local events such as lectures and workshops at NIH, USUHS and other research institutions in the area. Training of CPDR employees at local educational institutions is strongly encouraged in the areas that will increase their productivity at work. 


CPDR Saturday Distinguished Speakers

Dr. Warren Heston, Cleveland Clinic(2003)
Dr. William Isaacs, Johns Hopkins University(2003)
Dr. Thomas E. Keane, Univ. South Carolina(2003)
Dr. Michael Kattan, Memorial Sloan-Kettering(2004)
Dr. Johannes Vieweg, Duke University(2004)
Dr. Paul H. Lange, University of Washington(2004)
Dr. John O. Semmes, Eastern Virginia Medical School(2004)
Dr. David E. Crawford, University of Colorado(2005)
Dr. Esther H. Chang, Georgetown University(2005)
Dr. William G. Nelson, Johns Hopkins University(2005)
Dr. Dan Theodorescu, University of Virginia(2006)
Dr. Eric A. Klein, Cleveland Clinic(2006)
Dr. Monica Leibert, AUA Office of Research(2006)
Dr. Dennis K. Watson, University of South Carolina(2006)
Dr. Nancy Dawson, Georgetown University(2007)
Dr. Chawnshang Chang, University of Rochester(2007)
Dr. Dr. Herbert Lepor, New York University Medical Center(2008)
Dr. Angelo De Marzo, Johns Hopkins University(2008)
Dr. Judd W. Moul, Duke University(2009)
Dr. Donald S. Coffey, Johns Hopkins University(2010)
Dr. John Trachtenberg, University of Toronto Ontario, Canada(2010)
Dr. S. Ward Casscells, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense(2011)
Dr. E. Shyam P. Reddy, Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence(2011)
Dr. Fritz H. Schröder, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands(2012)




CPDR Thursday Seminar Speakers 2010-2011

Dr. Vasyl Vasko, USUHS
Dr. Deepak Kumar, UDC
Dr. Yang Du, USU
Dr. Masahiro Iwamoto, Thomas Jefferson University, PA
Dr. Suman Kapur, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India
Dr. Jane L. Hudak, WRAMC
Dr. Satya Saxena, Calibrant Biosystems Inc.
Dr. Arun Sreekumar, Medical College of Georgia
Dr. Steve Lincoln, Complete Genomics, Inc.
Dr. Lisa Alvis, Illumina Inc.
Dr. Kathleen S. Kelly, University of Florida
Dr. Vasan Yegnasubramanian, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Nianxiang (Nick) Zou, AFIP
Dr. David M.Berman, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Dr. Markku Miettinen, NCI, NIH
Dr. Ann Hsing, NCI, NIH
Dr. Matthew l. Freedman, Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center MA
Dr. Yan-gao Man, DTRC, HJF
Dr. Ani K. Jaiswal, UMD
Dr. Johnathan Meeks, Johnson & Johnson
Dr. Justin H. Johnson, Edge Bio
Dr. Yun Qiu, Maryland School of Medicine


June 23, 2016

Dr. Charles XavierDr. Charles P. Xavier Takes the Robert A. Phillips Award and a Navy-wide Academic Research Competition Award

by Paula Amann
Published in the June 2016 issue of Military Medical Research News, a monthly newsletter of the Department of Research Programs, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Fine-tuning facial transplants, predicting bone fractures, shrinking prostate cancers with new drugs and cutting the costs of surgical training with the right technology: These were among the problems probed by competition winners for 2016 Research and Innovation Month at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC).

The events, during Poster Display Week on May 11 and the Research Symposia on May 18-19, drew abstracts for 178 projects. After winnowing by pre-selection judges, 22 finalists emerged in three categories: case reports, evidence-based practice and quality improvement (a crucial non-research area).

Another 24 finalists, split evenly between laboratory and clinical research, vied for the Robert A. Phillips (RAP) and Bailey K. Ashford (BKA) Awards. The two BKA winners were LCDR Gabriel Santiago, MC (laboratory medicine), and LT Scott Wagner, MC (clinical medicine).

RAP winners included LT Daniel Griffin, MC (resident laboratory category); CPT Sarah Placek, MC (resident clinical); Charles P. Xavier, Ph.D. (staff laboratory); and Benjamin Sheffield (staff clinical).

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