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Post-doctoral Research

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Post-doctoral Research

Post-doctoral fellows with M.D. or Ph.D. degrees from the United States and other countries actively participate in the research program and receive state-of-the-art training in basic and translational aspects of cancer research by focusing on prostate cancer. The CPDR is proud of the excellent career advancement that the CPDR trainees have demonstrated. Up to this point, thirty postdoctoral fellows have participated in our program.

Education and Training Opportunities for Graduate Students (M.P.H., Ph.D.) and Medical Students (M.D.) of Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU)

The CPDR offers opportunities for long-term and short-term training of graduate and medical students at USU. Graduate students undertake original research projects focusing on molecular biology, genetics and translational research focusing on prostate cancer. Three graduate students and several medical students have participated so far in the CPDR laboratory projects. One USU-Molecular and Cell Biology Program student completed his Ph.D. thesis at CPDR. One MPH student from the LAM completed his thesis at CPDR. 

CPDR Post Doctoral Fellows 1991 - Present

Jaya Gaddipati, Ph.D(1991-1994)
Axel Heidenreich, MD(1994-1995)
Kekule Asgari, Ph.D(1994-1998)
Linda Xu, MD(1995-1999)
Chun Ling Gao, MD(1997-2002)
Wei Zhang, Ph.D (CPDR & AFIP)(1998-2002)
Takehiko Segawa, MD, Ph.D(1999-2002)
Keiichiro Nakamura, MD, Ph.D(1997-2001)
Yutaka Yasunaga, MD, Ph.D(2000-2001)
Sudhir Rawal, MBBS, MS(2000-2002)
Yongpeng Gu, MD, Ph.D(2000-2006)
Kala Prasanna, Ph.D(2002-2006)
Syed Shaheduzamman, Ph.D(2002-2004)
Chen Sun, MD, Ph.D(2003-2006)
Aijun Liu, MD(2003-2005)
Lionel Banez, MD(2003-2005)
Xiaoqin Fu, Ph.D(2003-2006)
Anu Vishwanath, MD(2003-2004)
Bungo Furusato, Ph.D(2003-2004)
Kee-Hong Kim, BTech, Ph.D(2004-2006)
Katsuaki Masuda, MD, Ph.D(2004-2007)
Govindan Vaidyanathan, Ph.D(2004-2007)
Jun Miki, PhD(2004-2007)
Hongzhen Li, PhD(2007-2009)
Rajesh Thangapazham,Ph.D.((2008-2009)
Ahmed Mohamed, MD, Ph.D(2006-2009)
Ying Hu, MD.PhD(2006-2009)
Shashwat Sharad, Ph.D(2009-Present)
Shiela Macalindong, MD(2010-2012)
Kristen Nickens, Ph.D(2010-2013)
Nicolas Griner, Ph.D(2011-2013)
Anshu Rastiogi, Ph.D(2011-Present)
Jocelyn Lee, PhD., MPH(2012-Present)
Allissa Dillman, Ph.D(2014-Present)
Indu Kohaar, Ph.D(2014-Present)
Charles Xavier, Ph.D(2014-Present)


June 23, 2016

Dr. Charles XavierDr. Charles P. Xavier Takes the Robert A. Phillips Award and a Navy-wide Academic Research Competition Award

by Paula Amann
Published in the June 2016 issue of Military Medical Research News, a monthly newsletter of the Department of Research Programs, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Fine-tuning facial transplants, predicting bone fractures, shrinking prostate cancers with new drugs and cutting the costs of surgical training with the right technology: These were among the problems probed by competition winners for 2016 Research and Innovation Month at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC).

The events, during Poster Display Week on May 11 and the Research Symposia on May 18-19, drew abstracts for 178 projects. After winnowing by pre-selection judges, 22 finalists emerged in three categories: case reports, evidence-based practice and quality improvement (a crucial non-research area).

Another 24 finalists, split evenly between laboratory and clinical research, vied for the Robert A. Phillips (RAP) and Bailey K. Ashford (BKA) Awards. The two BKA winners were LCDR Gabriel Santiago, MC (laboratory medicine), and LT Scott Wagner, MC (clinical medicine).

RAP winners included LT Daniel Griffin, MC (resident laboratory category); CPT Sarah Placek, MC (resident clinical); Charles P. Xavier, Ph.D. (staff laboratory); and Benjamin Sheffield (staff clinical).

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