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Research Training and Education of Urology Residents

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Research Training and Education of Urology Residents

 Structured Research Training and Education of Urology Residents from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) at CPDR, Department of Surgery, USU

The Urology Resident Research Training at CPDR has been a great success since its inception. Every year two residents with 3-6 months of dedicated research time receive focused and extensive research training at CPDR. Since the inception of the molecular biology laboratory in 1993, WRNMMC Urology residents have received training in Molecular Oncology using prostate cancer as the model system. The goal of this program is to provide residents:

  1. Hands on experience in the state-of-the-art molecular oncology research
  2. Knowledge and basic concepts in experimental design and data analysis
  3. Knowledge and scientific principles to improve the practice of urology 

The residents spend a committed six months for their research activities. The CPDR Education and Training Program has already contributed to the training of twenty-two urology residents from WRNMMC, five international urology research fellows (Germany, Japan, India and Philippine), and one faculty member from WRNMMC. Residents are exposed to weekly presentations by CPDR researchers at the Wednesday Research Seminars. They have a weekly one hour meeting with the CPDR-Resident Research Committee which includes designated mentor(s) from the senior scientific staff of CPDR-BSRP, CPDR Scientific Director and the Residency Program Director from WRNMMC. Residents are provided with the Cancer Biology Lecture slide presentation, a 6-hour lecture delivered by Dr. Srivastava to USU Molecular and Cell Biology Program PhD students. Special experts from the prostate cancer field are invited to the CPDR on a monthly basis to address the latest findings of their research at our Wednesday Guest Speaker Seminars. Residents also are required to attend the CPDR Saturday Seminars featuring leading clinical and basic science authorities of the prostate cancer field. Urology residents receive CME credits for their participation in the Saturday meetings. The residents also participate in the biweekly Translational Research Meetings at CPDR where their expertise are merged with the multi-disciplinary team working on the translation of research findings towards clinical applications for the benefit of prostate cancer patients. The residents present their findings and receive educational criticism at the CPDR Wednesday Research Seminars. They have also been provided with the opportunity to present their findings at national or local conferences a year. The immersion of residents in intense scientific debates is an important goal of the resident research training and education program at CPDR. As a result CPDR is proud of the numerous invited presentations, special awards and travel awards that our trainees received in the past. 


MAJ Noah S. Schenkman, MD(1993-1994)
MAJ Michael J. Finger, MD(1994-1995)
CPT Howard B. Heidenberg, DO(1994-1995)
CPT John J. Bauer, MD(1995-1996)
MAJ G. Bennett Stackhouse, MD(1996-1997)
MAJ Robert C. Dean, MD(1997-1998)
MAJ Charles Gerry Henderson, MD(2001-2002)
CPT Trent Sterenchock, MD(2001-2002)
MAJ Stacey Koff, MD(2002-2003)
MAJ Stephen Brassell, MD(2002-2003)
CPT Thomas Novak, MD(2003-2004)
MAJ Gregory Bernstein, MD(2003-2004)
MAJ Inger Rosner(2004-2005)
CPT David Osborn(2004-2005)
CPT Eric Richter(2005-2006)
CPT Joseph Sterbis(2005-2006)
CPT Chad DeRosa(2006-2007)
CPT Kuwong Mwamukonda(2006-2007)
CPT Dorota Hawksworth(2007-2008)
CPT Eric Whitman(2007-2008)
CPT Kevin Rice(2008-2009)
CPT Timothy Nydam(2009)
CPT Patrick Parker, MD(2009-2010)
CPT George Leighton Lee, MD(2010-2011)
CPT Monika Colombo, MD(2011-2012)
CPT Philip Rosen, MD(2011-2012)
CPT Molly Williams, MD(2012-2013)
CPT James Farrel, MD(2012-2013)
MAJ Michael Degon, MD(2013-2014)
CPT Wagner Baptise, MD(2013-2014)
CPT Aaron Brothers, MD(2014-Present)
CPT Daniel Kim, MD(2014-Present)
CPT Jason Sedarsky, MD(2014-Present)


June 23, 2016

Dr. Charles XavierDr. Charles P. Xavier Takes the Robert A. Phillips Award and a Navy-wide Academic Research Competition Award

by Paula Amann
Published in the June 2016 issue of Military Medical Research News, a monthly newsletter of the Department of Research Programs, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Fine-tuning facial transplants, predicting bone fractures, shrinking prostate cancers with new drugs and cutting the costs of surgical training with the right technology: These were among the problems probed by competition winners for 2016 Research and Innovation Month at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC).

The events, during Poster Display Week on May 11 and the Research Symposia on May 18-19, drew abstracts for 178 projects. After winnowing by pre-selection judges, 22 finalists emerged in three categories: case reports, evidence-based practice and quality improvement (a crucial non-research area).

Another 24 finalists, split evenly between laboratory and clinical research, vied for the Robert A. Phillips (RAP) and Bailey K. Ashford (BKA) Awards. The two BKA winners were LCDR Gabriel Santiago, MC (laboratory medicine), and LT Scott Wagner, MC (clinical medicine).

RAP winners included LT Daniel Griffin, MC (resident laboratory category); CPT Sarah Placek, MC (resident clinical); Charles P. Xavier, Ph.D. (staff laboratory); and Benjamin Sheffield (staff clinical).

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