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About DMEC


The mission of the DMEC is to serve as the national and international lead in military medical ethics for all health care providers in the MHS/DoD, as outlined in DoDI 6025.27, Section 2.3(a). In addition and internal to USU, the DMEC will coordinate its tasks in military medical ethics with USU's military medical leadership and professional development curriculum and programs to ensure that USU Students become ethical practitioners and leaders at all levels in the nation's uniformed health services.


The DMEC will assist in the development and implementation of the DoDMEP and will develop a plan for MRS-wide medical ethics training, as per Sections 2.2 and 4.3 of DoDI 6025.27. Moreover, the DMEC will develop and maintain a DoD Health Care Ethics Portal, as a centralized resource for medical ethics, and will be capable of receiving inquiries and requests for medical ethics consultation. The portal will also provide access to relevant policies, guidance and laws; sources of education and training; and pertinent codes of ethics. Internally within USU Schools, the DMEC will coordinate closely with programs for professional military medical leadership development in order to train and develop a new generation of military medical leaders and professionals solidly grounded in the highest standards of medical ethics.