DMEC Strategic Goals

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Strategic Goals

Medical ethics is a system of moral and professional principles agreed upon by the practice community that govern the behavior of health care professionals and health care organizations. The DMEC's strategic goal is to assist in the development of the fundamental principles in military medical ethics and to promulgate those principles throughout the military health care professions. The DMEC's medical ethics tasks include:

1. Establish the DoDMEP Office, to be known as the DMEC, and provide staff to maintain and support the mission objective.
2. Participate in the development and implementation of guidance led by DASD(HSP&O).
3. Develop a plan for MHS training, as described in Paragraph 4.3 of the DoDI 6025.27.
4. Develop and maintain a DoD Health Care Ethics Portal at USU that will:
    a. Serve as a centralized resource for medical ethics information and be capable of receiving inquires and requests for consultation.
    b. Provide links to relevant policies, guidance, and laws; information about sources of education and training; and pertinent professional codes of ethics.
5. Maintain a contact list of the designated subject matter experts in medical ethics. These individuals will provide consultative services and develop procedures to assist health care professionals, as described in Paragraph 4.2(a) in DoDI 6025.27, to include offering educational outreach when requested.
6. Coordinate with other government and academic Medical Ethics programs to share knowledge and experience.
7. Participate in the Medical Ethics Integrated Product Team
(MEIPT) as defined in Section 6 of DoDI 6025.27.
8. Coordinate with the enhancement of the respective USU Schools' internal medical leadership development and professionalism curriculum and programs. In so doing, the DMEC will:
    a. Advise and coordinate in aligning and harmonizing DoDMEP-oriented training, education and operational initiatives with broader military medical leadership development objectives focused on USU Students.
    b. Ensure that issues of medical ethics are included in all key USU military medical leadership operations and exercises, from the classroom to field training exercises.
    c. Coordinate in the establishment and refinement of measures of performance and metrics by which both medical ethics and military medical leadership development can be assessed.