Dissertation Research Requirements

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Dissertation Research Requirements

Original experimental work is an essential part of graduate training. After a student has advanced to candidacy, he/she will present a Departmental seminar annually based on his/her original research project. In addition, the student will meet with his/her Advisory Committee semi-annually to assess and ensure progress towards completion of the research project. Summaries of those meetings will become part of the student's academic file. A written dissertation, based on the student's original experimental work, shall be prepared by the student under supervision of the student's major faculty advisor and with the concurrence of the student's Advisory Committee.

Dissertation Defense

A Dissertation Examination Committee that consists of the student's Advisory Committee will read the dissertation to certify the documents acceptability by the criteria of scope and quality. This Committee will also conduct the dissertation defense examination. The defense of the dissertation will consist of a public seminar and will be followed by an oral examination that is closed to the public. If either the dissertation or the oral defense is deemed unsatisfactory, the Dissertation Examination Committee shall formulate recommendations for appropriate remedial action which may include, but are not limited to: 1) revision of the dissertation; 2) revision of the dissertation only after performance of specified additional research; or 3) repetition of the oral defense after a specified interval of time. An unsatisfactory performance on the repetition of a dissertation defense will result in the discharge of a student from the Ph.D. program.