Education & Technology Innovation Support

Education & Technology Innovation Support

ETI Office

Located in D 1001

(301) 295-3980

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Wondering how to use the Sakai LMS? On the ETI’s Resources page, you can view Quick Reference Guides to help you get started with Sakai.

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Welcome to the ETI Support Office

Welcome to the Education and Technology Innovation (ETI) Support Office site. At the ETI, you will find an experienced and innovative group of instructional designers and media developers who are ready to work with you to:

  • Develop small group activities for the classroom or distributed learning (DL) environment
  • Design and develop DL materials for new or existing courses
  • Support the transition of content from the classroom to the DL environment
  • Integrate innovative remediation techniques into your courses
  • Plan ways to engage learners and support learning.

To find out about other ways the ETI can help you design instructional materials and activities to allow for greater flexibility during and outside of classroom time with students, check out the Services page.


The Education & Technology Innovation Support Office (ETI) Staff members will be in the small dining room in B building on

August 25, 2016

from 1130 – 1330 to provide a Brown Bag Orientation to new Sakai tools and showcase some multimedia course materials and other elements of previous faculty support. 

The Brown Bag orientations will cover basic use of the new tool and discuss how the tool supports effective instruction.

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