Adam Saperstein, MD, FAAFP, CDR, MC, USN

Adam Saperstein, MD, FAAFP, CDR, MC, USN

Adam Saperstein

Name: Adam Saperstein, MD, FAAFP, CDR, MC, USN

Department of Primary Appointment: Family Medicine
Position: USU Faculty
Title: Associate Professor of Family Medicine

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Fax Number: (301) 295-1294

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Dr. Saperstein is a faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine and the Director of the Reflective Practice Curriculum at the University.  His research interests include the use of innovative curricular design, to include curricula that offer learners an authentic view through the lens of their community and the use of technology in medical education.

Dr. Saperstein was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, and Spain.  Although not part of a military family when a child, the frequent moves seemed to suit him, and contributed to his joining the Navy “to see the world” at 17.   Dr. Saperstein is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, Tulane University Medical School, Puget Sound Family Medicine Residency at Naval Hospital, Bremerton, and the Faculty Development Fellowship at UNC-Chapel Hill. Prior to arriving at USUHS in 2012, his tours of duty included serving at Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan; Naval Hospital Jacksonville, FL; and Naval Hospital Sigonella, Italy.  He is the Director of the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians’ Mentorship program, co-Director of the Wounded Warrior Partnership, and Faculty Lead for the Apollo Society (a group dedicated to sharing the arts in the healthcare community).  His interests include hitting the pitch for a game of futbol, live theater, and reading fiction.  

Research Interests: Use of Innovative Technology as Educational Tools, Reflective Practice, Mentorship


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