Brandon Ho, CIPP

Brandon Ho, CIPP

Name: Brandon Ho, CIPP

Department of Primary Appointment: Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics
Position: USU Staff


As a HIPAA Compliance Specialist, Mr. Brandon Ho is the Subject Matter Expert for all issues relating to the implementation and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This involved me being in charge of directing all communications regarding HIPAA compliance with the Privacy and Security Rule for the Pacific Regional Medical Command and Tripler Army Medical Center. I oversee all public communications and marketing programs to educate and inform the public as well as our staff members regarding HIPAA compliance and all related activities.

I plan, design, and execute PRMC's strategic compliance programs and communicate those plans to all levels of the staff to ensure full compliance with all applicable HIPAA laws. In doing this, I utilized several methods of communication including but not limited to classroom presentations, website communications, e-mail tips and communications, Sharepoint communications, and in-service presentations. I have also been responsible for disseminating information to general and specialized public groups about the Army Medical Departments' programs, activities, and services for HIPAA compliance. I am the PRMC official spokesperson for the HIPAA compliance program.

I am responsible for public information and education for all matters involving MHS compliance issues; internal information and relations regarding training and compliance, and guiding media relations in order to ensure that the PRMC is disseminating information in a fully compliant manner with all privacy laws and regulations. As the Subject Matter Expert, I serve the Commanding General, senior leaders, department chiefs, and all associated personnel on the impacts of PRMC, AMEDD, and TAMC programs and policies especially as they pertain to the public affairs and public perceptions of the quality of care that PRMC and TAMC deliver to our patients and customers.


 As the HIPAA Compliance Specialist and Subject Matter Expert, I have briefed senior leaders on compliance and communication strategies for high visibility issues including those involving congressional/legislative affairs and controversial issues. I develop plans to market the Army Health Care System's compliance programs to beneficiaries with focus on continuing education about the MHS Tricare HIPAA compliance programs.

I develop and direct the execution of exportable education tools to reach all levels of the PRMC to include MEDDAC-J, MEDDAC-K, Torii Station in Okinawa, and Schofield Barracks Health Clinic. I have established relationships with outside entities that PRMC has business with including the Hawaii Health Information Corporation and have acted as the HIPAA Subject Matter Expert for Joint Venture programs between Tripler and the Spark Matsunaga Veterans Affairs Medical and Regional Office Center. I also serve in an advisory capacity helping Patient Administration Division with personnel management by structuring positions and assigning duties and responsibilities to achieve an effective and productive workflow which supports the organization's compliance and health care delivery mission.

 I am also responsible for designing, planning, and directing the HIPAA Compliance Program for our agency. I enact planning and implementing comprehensive public campaigns to enhance the understanding of TAMC programs for HIPAA compliance and patient privacy among the general public and specialized groups and organizations. I develop and disseminate information for all HIPAA programs for the MHS, AMEDD, PRMC, and TAMC.

I also inform patients about their rights, responsibilities, and benefits as it pertains to HIPAA compliance on the part of the AMEDD. I work routinely with the Information Management Division to utilize e-communications for all personnel including, but not limited to, e-mail, Sharepoint, and Web-based media delivery methods. I also communicate with the Audio Visual personnel to organize and implement other forms of media to disseminate the organization's goal and mission to all personnel and the public for general and specific groups as they related to PRMC's and TAMC's medical and healthcare programs and issues.