Christy Ledford, Ph. D.

Christy Ledford, Ph. D.

Christy Ledford

Name: Christy Ledford, Ph. D.

Department of Primary Appointment: Family Medicine
Position: USU Faculty
Title: Associate Professor, Family Medicine

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Christy J.W. Ledford is an associate professor and director of research programs in the Department of

Family Medicine at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.  As a health communication

scientist, she seeks to integrate communication principles into medical education and practice, both

through theory and the application of mixed methods research.  Her research focuses on how patients

and physicians can negotiate emerging evidence together.  Christy also plays an active role in training

and mentoring students and residents throughout the Military Health System, in her role as Research

Director for the Military Primary Care Research Network.

Selected publications

Ledford, C.J.W., Canzona, M.R., Womack, J.J., & Hodge, J.A. (in press). Influence of provider

communication on women’s delivery expectations and birth experience appraisal: A qualitative study.

Family Medicine.

Ledford, C.J.W., Gawrys, B.L., Wall, J.L., Saas, P.D., & Seehusen, D.A. (2016). Translating new lung

cancer screening guidelines into practice: The experience of one community hospital. Journal of the

American Board of Family Medicine, 29 (1), 152 -155.

Ledford, C.J.W., Canzona, M.R., Cafferty, L.A., & Hodge, J.A. (2016). Mobile application as a prenatal

education and engagement tool: A randomized controlled pilot. Patient Education and Counseling, 99,


Ledford, C.J.W., Canzona, M.R., Cafferty, L.A., & Kalish, V.B. (2016). Negotiating the equivocality of

palliative care: A grounded theory of team communicative processes in inpatient medicine. Health

Communication, 31, 536 - 543. doi: 10.1080/ 10410236.2014.974134

Ledford, C.J.W., Seehusen, D.A., Canzona, M.R., & Cafferty, L.A. (2014). Using a teaching OSCE to

prompt learners to engage with patients who talk about religion and/or spirituality.  Academic Medicine,

89, 60-65. 

Ledford, C.J.W., Ledford, C.C., & Childress, M.A. (2013). Extending Physician ReACH: Influencing patient

activation and behavior through multichannel physician communication. Patient Education and

Counseling, 91, 72 – 78.

Research interests

Patient-provider communication, communicating uncertainty in medicine, patient activation