David Keyser, Ph.D.

David Keyser, Ph.D.

Name: David Keyser, Ph.D.

Department of Primary Appointment: Military & Emergency Medicine
Position: USU Faculty
Title: Assistant Professor of Military and Emergency Medicine

Email: david.keyser@usuhs.edu (link sends e-mail)
Office Phone: (301) 295-3720
Fax Number: (301) 295-6773
Room: C1039


Dr. Keyser is a neurophysiologist and the Director of Laboratory Operations for the Traumatic Injury Research Program, MEM, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Keyser is a prior chair of the Diving and Environmental Physiology Department, Naval Medical Research Center. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from The Citadel in 1981. His graduate education includes University of Maryland School of Medicine (87-91) and Union Institute and University (PhD).

At present, Keyser's research interest is in the elucidation of physiological metrics for the early identification of individuals at high risk of developing PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury or psychological trauma. Additional research efforts include application of physiologic metrics to track mental health intervention progress in pediatric/adolescent populations suffering from complex trauma. Prior research includes optimization of human performance for Special Operations personnel in adverse environments, exploration of oxygen toxicity cause and prevention for US Navy SEAL divers, physiologic effects of low frequency sound exposure, glial cell involvement in synaptic transmission, biochemical decompression and perfluorocarbons as adjuncts to off-gassing to decrease probability of decompression sickness, use of near-IR for physiologic applications, and electrophysiological investigations of hippocampal function using whole-cell voltage clamp and slice preparations.

Dr. Keyser was a Naval officer from 1991-2004 and was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Meritorious Service Medal, Expert Field Medical Badge, and the Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Keyser is a certified brain injury expert, and a member of the American Physiological Society, AAAS, and Doctors for Neuroscience.