Donald Whitley

Donald Whitley

Name: Donald Whitley

Department of Primary Appointment:
Position: USU Staff
Title: Research and Assessment, M&E Divisions Manager, HJF CTR

Affiliated Center: CGHE

Email: (link sends e-mail)


Donald Whitley presently serves as the Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation Division Manager and the Research Division Manager for CGHE, supporting DoD Global Health Engagement (GHE) assessment and research efforts within CGHE. Previously, Mr. Whitley worked as a contracted consultant supporting the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Joint Staff, Air Force Medical Service, and Navy Medicine as a GHE expert specializing in the study and improvement of military GHE capabilities. 

Mr. Whitley received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, focusing on Management Entrepreneurship Studies, from the University of Notre Dame. He previously worked with Booz Allen Hamilton, in that firm’s Military Health group.