Jeffrey C. Leggit, MD, FAAFP, CAQSM, COL (Ret), USA, MC

Jeffrey C. Leggit, MD, FAAFP, CAQSM, COL (Ret), USA, MC

Jeffrey Leggit

Name: Jeffrey C. Leggit, MD, FAAFP, CAQSM, COL (Ret), USA, MC

Department of Primary Appointment: Family Medicine
Position: USU Faculty
Title: Associate Professor

Research Interests:
Primary Care Sports Medicine

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Fax Number: (301) 295-1294


COL (Ret) Leggit is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Science (USUHS), Bethesda MD. He is a Board Certified Family Physician with a certificate of added qualification in Primary Care Sports Medicine as well as a medical acupuncturist. He is the clinical module director for the Musculoskeletal Curriculum for the School of Medicine.  He is also the Director of Healthcare Operations for the University Family Health Center. In addition he is one of the key faculty for the National Capital Consortium’s Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. Prior to arriving at the USUHS, COL Leggit was the Director of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) at Fort Detrick, MD. There he was responsible for all aspects of planning, execution, and management of the CDMRP mission, which included research in 17 programs including Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Ovarian cancer, Neurofibromatosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Autism and other peer-reviewed research programs with an annual budget of $500 million. Prior to the CDMRP, he served as Deputy Commander for Clinical Services for General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Commander of Barquist Army Health Clinic at Fort Detrick, MD. In 2003, COL Leggit deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Battalion Surgeon with 1-67 Armor, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division earning a Bronze Star.


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Research Interest:

Physical Activity as preventive therapy (primary, secondary and tertiary)

Optimizing Musculoskeletal Knowledge during Medical School Education

Reducing non-compliance with medical instructions


- Integration of Acupuncture into Evidence Based Medicine

- Reproducing Acupuncture Results

- Standardization of Treatment Protocols

- Biological causes for improvement from Acupuncture