Jeffrey D. Quinlan, MD, FAAFP, CAPT, MC, USN

Jeffrey D. Quinlan, MD, FAAFP, CAPT, MC, USN

Jeffrey Quinlan

Name: Jeffrey D. Quinlan, MD, FAAFP, CAPT, MC, USN

Department of Primary Appointment: Family Medicine
Position: Department Chair
Title: Department Chair

Affiliated Departments: Medical & Clinical Psychology,

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Associate Professor, Family Medicine

B.S. in Biochemistry/Biophysics, University of Pittsburgh (1988)
B.S in Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh (1988)
M.D., University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine (1992)
Internship, Family Medicine, Naval Hospital Charleston, Charleston, SC (1993)
Residency, Family Medicine, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, Camp Pendleton, CA (1995)
Fellowship, Operative Obstetrics, Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL (1999)

Background and Areas of Interest

Dr. Quinlan is a board certified family physician who has served in the U.S. Navy for nearly 23 years. His clinical, teaching, and research interests are focused on women’s health and specifically maternity care. He has served as the Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, Naval Hospital Jacksonville, FL; Specialty Leader to the Navy Surgeon General for Family Medicine; and, Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine, USU. He currently serves as the Acting Chair, Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology, USU and the Chair of the Student Promotions Committee, School of Medicine, USU.


Selected Publications

Quinlan JD, Hill DA, Maxwell BD, Boone S, Hoover F, Lense JJ.The necessity of both anorectal and vaginal cultures for group B streptococcus screening during pregnancy. J Fam Pract 2000 May; 49(5): 447-8.
Hill DA, Chez RA, Quinlan JD, Fuentes A, LaCombe J. Uterine rupture and dehiscence associated with intravaginal misoprostil cervical ripening. J Reprod Med 2000;45:823-826.
Quinlan JD, Hill DA. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Am Fam Physician 2003;68:121-8.
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Quinlan JD. Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Pregnancy. Clinics in Family Practice 2005; 7(1): 127-137.
Quinlan JD. Evaluation of breast inflammation in the non-lactating woman. Evidence-Based Practice. 2009; 12(6): 5.
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Professional Activities

Dr. Quinlan is a Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine; Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP); and, is a member of the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. He is internationally recognized for his work with the AAFP’s Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics program. He has served as an author, member of the Advisory Board, Chair of the International Advisory Board, and is currently an Associate Editor for the program.