Louis N. Pangaro, MD, MACP

Louis N. Pangaro, MD, MACP

Dr. Louis Pangaro

Name: Louis N. Pangaro, MD, MACP

Department of Primary Appointment: Dept. of Medicine
Position: Department Chair
Title: Professor & Chair


  • Georgetown University Medical School, Washington, DC – M.D.  1973
  • Fellowship in Medicine, Endocrinology, Georgetown University  1978
  • Fellow in Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Walter Reed 1980
  • Stanford University Faculty Development Program 1987

The themes of my scholarly work are seen in these selected publications, including studies and essays.

Conceptual Frameworks of Assessment

  • Pangaro L, A New Vocabulary and Other Innovations for Improving Descriptive In-training
    Evaluations, Academic Medicine, 74: 1203-1207, 1999.
  • Pangaro LN, A Shared Professional Framework for Anatomy and Clinical Clerkships, Clinical Anatomy, 2006, 19: 419-428.
  • Pangaro L, ten Cate O, AMEE Guide - Frameworks for Learner Assessment in Medicine Medical Teacher, 35, 524 – 537, (2013)
  • Pangaro L, Investing in Descriptive Evaluation: a vision for the future of assessment. Medical Teacher. 22(5), 478 - 481, 2000.
  • Rodriguez R, Pangaro L, "Mapping the ACGME competencies to the RIME Framework", Academic Medicine, 87 (12), 1781.

Research on RIME and Evaluation Systems

  • Hemmer P, Hawkins R, Jackson J, Pangaro L, Assessing How Well Three Evaluation Methods detect Deficiencies in Medical Students' Professionalism in Two Settings of an Internal Medicine Clerkship, Academic Medicine 75, 167 - 173, 2000.
  • Gaglione MM, Moores L, Pangaro L, Hemmer PA Does Group Discussion of Student Clerkship Performance at an Education Committee Affect an Individual Committee Member’s Decisions? Academic Medicine 80:S55-S58, 2005. 
  • DeWitt DE, Carline D , Paauw DS , Pangaro L, A Pilot Study of a "RIME" framework-based Tool for Giving Feedback in a Multi-specialty Longitudinal Clerkship, Medical Education, 42: 1205 -1209, 2008.

Standardized Examinees and Simulation

  • Pangaro LN, Worth-Dickstein H, Macmillan K, Shatzer J, Klass D, Performance of "Standardized Examinees" in a Standardized Patient Examination of Clinical Skills, Academic Medicine. 72: 1008 –
  • Worth-Dickstein H, Pangaro L, MacMillan MK, Klass DJ, Shatzer JH Use of "Standardized Examinees" to Screen for Standardized-patient Bias in a Clinical Skills Examination, Teaching and Learning in Medicine,  17(1), 9 – 13, 2005.
  • LaRochelle JS, Durning SJ, Pangaro LN, Artino AR, van der Vleuten C, Schuwirth, Impact of Increased Authenticity in Instructional Format on Preclerkship Students' Performance: A Two-Year, Prospective, Randomized Study, Acad Med. Oct;87(10):1341-7, 2012.

Assessment of Competence

  • Pangaro LN, Holmboe, “Evaluation Forms and Formal Rating Scales”, Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Clinical Competence, ed Holmboe and Hawkins, Elsevier, 2008, p 24-41.
  • Donato AA , Pangaro L , Smith C, Rencic J , Diaz Y , Mensinger J , Holmboe E, Evaluation of a Novel Assessment Tool for Observing Medical Residents, a Randomized Controlled Trial, Medical Education, 42: 1234-1242, 2008.


 Curricular Reform, and educational systems

  • PangaroL, The Role and Value of the Basic Sciences in Medical Education: The Perspective of Clinical Education - Students’ Progress from Understanding to Action, J International Assoc of Medical Science EducatorsVolume 20-3 307 – 313, 2010
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  • Pock A, Pangaro L, Gilliland W, , The "Pillars" of Curriculum Reform" (manuscript #ACADMED-D-13-01220R1, Academic Medicine, accepted for publication,/69.
  • Pangaro L, [invited] Commentary: getting to the next phase in medical education-a role for the vice-chair for education Academic Medicine, 2012 Aug;87(8):999-1001.

Faculty Development

  • Roop S, Pangaro L, Measuring the Impact of Clinical Teaching on Student Performance during a Third Year Medicine Clerkship, Amer J Med. 110 (3). 205-209, 2001. (accompanying editorial, by Irby and Papadakis, "Does Good Clinical Teaching Really make a Difference?")
  • Guidebook For Clerkship Directors, co-editor, 3rd edition, Ruth-Marie Fincher general editor, Alliance for Clinical Education, 2005.
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  • Pangaro LN, editor, Leadership and Success In Medical Education, American College of Physicians, series on Teaching Internal Medicine (J. Ende, general editor), 2010, ACP Press, Philadelphia, PA.


Electronic medical record

  • Stephens MB, Gimbel RW, Pangaro L, The RIME/EMR Scheme: An Educational Approach to Clinical Documentation in Electronic Medical Records, Academic Medicine, 86, (1):11-14, 2010
  • Hanson JL, Stephens MB, Pangaro LN, Gimbel RW,  Quality of Outpatient Clinical Notes: A Stakeholder-  derived Definition with Implications for a Quality Rating Instrument: A Qualitative Study, BMC Health Services  Research, Nov 19;12:407, 2012.
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