Maj (S) Katrina D. Powell, USAF

Maj (S) Katrina D. Powell, USAF

Name: Maj (S) Katrina D. Powell, USAF

Department of Primary Appointment: Medical & Clinical Psychology
Position: Volunteer

Email: (link sends e-mail)
Room: B1022


Major (S) Katrina D. Powell, USAF is a 2015 Cohort year student working towards a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Katrina earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English from the Virginia Military Institute in 2006. After graduating, Katrina commissioned into the United States Air Force as a Behavioral Scientist (61B). She began her Air Force career at Edwards AFB, CA at the 773rd Flight Test squadron as a CV-22, F-16, and B-1 Human Factors Engineer and later as the Lead Research engineer in Curriculum Standards Division at the USAF Test Pilot School.  In 2010, Katrina became a Military Information Support Operations (MISO) officer (formerly Psychological Operations).  Immediately after completing MISO training, Katrina was selected for an AF sponsored Master’s degree.  She attended Arizona State University where she earned her Master’s degree in Psychology in 2011. During her time at ASU, Katrina also earned her Master’s in English from California State University in Bakersfield in 2010.  Upon graduation from ASU, she deployed to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia for six months. Katrina returned to the states and began working as an Instructor in the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership department at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs (2012-2015) and Division Executive officer (2014-2015).  Katrina’s primary research interests include examining environmental effects on perception of body shape, racial identity, sense of belonging, and self-esteem in minority populations.  She is also interested in the effects of deployment on military families (ASU thesis).