Rahul M. Jindal, MD, PhD, MBA

Rahul M. Jindal, MD, PhD, MBA

rahal jinda

Name: Rahul M. Jindal, MD, PhD, MBA

Department of Primary Appointment: Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics
Position: USU Faculty
Title: Professor, Department of Surgery and Division of Global Health, USUHS Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery and Medicine, the George Washington University, Washington, DC

Email: rahul.jindal@usuhs.edu (link sends e-mail)
Office Phone: (301) 295-4331



The focus of my surgical career has been a combination of clinical transplantation, academic productivity and teaching. I have special interest on global health and minority issues. I have also had a number of leadership roles in community work, international and national humanitarian work. I have worked in academic surgery programs in various institutions in the United Kingdom and in the United States. My academic and clinic interests are wide ranging. These include pancreatic islet transplantation, psychological aspects of dialysis and kidney transplantation, increasing minority rates of transplantation, analysis of national dialysis and kidney transplant data bases, malignancy after kidney transplantation, global health issues, and policy issues affecting global health and increasing rates of vascular access for hemodialysis. My research and manuscripts have been cited in standard text books of Nephrology and Transplantation, KDIGO clinical practice guidelines. Three of the USRDS-based publications (Outcomes associated with influenza vaccination in the first year after kidney transplantation. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2011; 6:1192-7; Arteriovenous fistulas among incident hemodialysis patients in Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs facilities. J Am Soc Nephrol 2010; 21:1571-7; Transplantation of A2 kidneys into B and O recipients leads to reduction in waiting time: USRDS experience. Transplantation 2010; 89:1396-402) were accompanied by editorials and press releases by the American Society of Nephrology.

My book entitled "The struggle for life: A psychological perspective of kidney disease and transplantation" (ISBN: 0-86569-323-4) has become a standard text book for transplant and dialysis programs around the world. I and my team performed the world's first autologous pancreatic islet transplantation for a wounded soldier which was reported in numerous press releases, including CNN, and various press agencies. This work was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (Jindal RM, Ricordi C, Shriver CD. N Engl J Med 2010; 362:1550) and Cell Transplant 2011 Sep 22.

International Humanitarian Service

Guyana, South America: I with my colleagues in the Department of Organ Transplantation, setup the first comprehensive renal replacement therapy program in Guyana, South America. We mobilized a team of physicians and nurses, obtained funding and successfully gained the support of physicians and administrators from Guyana's Georgetown Hospital. We performed the first living kidney transplant in Guyana in July 2008, mother to son followed by 21 more living kidney transplants. We have completed 18 missions so far and plan 4 missions a year for the foreseeable future.

India: I have provided CME activities for the past two decades. This initiative is provided by a group of Indian-American physicians in various hospitals in India under the umbrella of US-India Political Action Committee (US-INPAC) and Association of American Physicians of Indian origin (AAPI). 

I am also in the process of organizing a Global Kidney Support Network that integrates medical professionals and patients in developing countries so that they can deal with the challenges of kidney diseases, renal failure and kidney transplantation. The goal is to unite kidney transplantation and dialysis physicians in a collaborative effort to share their expertise, and to find solutions quickly to save lives across frontiers in developing countries. This will be accomplished via telemedicine and by establishing personal links with hospitals and physicians in developing countries. This project will be able to reach across frontiers to save lives, and to share expertise from developed countries and within developing countries to improve the quality of life of patients with kidney diseases and incorporate preventative measures in the health policy of developing countries. In addition to the use of telemedicine, my team of physicians will travel to selected hospitals in developing countries to help the local physicians develop the infra-structure for providing dialysis and transplantation as we did in Guyana, South America.

National Humanitarian Service

Blood donation drive: I am the Director of "Hindus Gift of Life" which conducts The National Hindu Temples Blood and Bone Marrow Campaign sponsored by about 600 Hindu-American temples throughout the United States. As Director, I and a team of dedicated individuals successfully carried out a tremendous campaign throughout several states in North America.

Bone marrow drive: I have taken a lead in organizing and increasing the registration and donation rate of bone marrow in ethnic communities in the U.S. by organizing and conducting numerous bone marrow registration campaigns throughout the U.S. and by promoting education and creating awareness of the need of marrow/blood stem cell donors especially in the ethnic communities. This is an ongoing effort.

Service to the National Institutes of Health

I am also on the steering committee of "The Quality of Cancer Care Committee" - a trans-governmental agency committee with members from federal departments such as the CDC, Indian Health Service, Veterans Administration and the Public Health Service. This committee is currently working on a project entitled "Patient centered medical home" which will eventually involve the Departments of Surgery, Family Practice and Internal Medicine in the DoD.


  • MD, BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, India, 1977
  • MS, BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, India, 1981
  • FRCS, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK, 1985
  • MSc, University of Oxford, UK, 1992
  • PhD, Middlesex University, London, 2004
  • MBA, Colorado Tec. University, CO, 2004


We secured funding from the National Cancer Institute to pilot the Colorectal Cancer Care Quality Measurement System which has been developed, tested and validated by investigators in the VA health care system. Ultimately, this data will serve as the foundation for a prospective multi-year follow-on USMCI Clinical Trials Group study to validate a quality assurance model developed in the current pilot study, which is predictive of significant gaps in colorectal cancer screening, detection, diagnosis and treatment and follow-up across the continuum of care for this common epithelial malignancy. We have submitted a number of grants to analyses large US kidney transplant and dialysis data bases to the National Institutes of Health. I am also working with colleagues in WRNMMC and SUNY-Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY to develop a unique renal transplant survival model using Bayesian Analysis. In this system, we want to create a model which can predict graft survival/function to optimize donor/recipient matching. For this purpose, we will use an integrated database with information on over 150,000 patients with renal failure and outcomes of kidney transplants since 1994. This research was facilitated by my funding from my previous position in New York. This outcome-based research has the potential to change the allocation of organs in the U.S. and may be suitable for funding from the National Institutes of Health.


  • Select lectures for Global Health Division Courses, USU
  • Principles and practice of transplantation, Department of Surgery, USU

Areas of Expertise

  • Global Health in Guyana, South American, CARICOM countries and India
  • Transplant Surgery
  • Public service as Commissioner of Service and Volunteerism in Maryland
  • Health Diplomacy
  • Recipient of NIH grants

Selected Recent Publications

Books: 2
Peer-Reviewed publications: 171
Chapters: 9
Oral or Poster presentations: 85


Professional Activities

  • American Society of Transplantation
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society of Transplant Surgeons
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK

Peer Reviewer Appointments

Editorial Consultant: Kidney Transplant Module for the American College of Physicians (PIER).

Reviewer: Pancreas, Hepatology, Postgraduate Medical Journal, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Diabetes Care, Graft, Transplantation, American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Drug Safety, Drug Therapy, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Biodrugs, American Journal of Transplantation, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, General Hospital Psychiatry, Clinical Transplantation, Cell Transplantation, Transplantation Reviews

Editorial boards: Transplantation, Graft, Annals of Fundeni Hospital (Romania), Archives of the Balkan Medical Union, The Open Transplantation Journal, Journal of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, Journal of Healthcare, Sciences and Humanities

Editor: WebmedCentral Plus Transplantation.

NIH: Reviewer for the NIDDK (ad hoc), The Quality of Cancer Care Committee (QCCC): a trans-governmental agency committee with members from HHS and other federal departments (1/1/8 onwards).