Sebastian Uijtdehaage, PhD

Sebastian Uijtdehaage, PhD

Uijtdehaage Sebastian

Name: Sebastian Uijtdehaage, PhD

Department of Primary Appointment: Dept. of Medicine
Position: USU Staff
Title: Professor and Associate Director, Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education

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Room: Bldg. 53 Rm 102

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Dr. Uijtdehaage joined USU in 2015 as Professor of Medicine and Associate Director for the Academy of Health Professions and Scholarship.  He received his doctorate in experimental psychology at The Pennsylvania University in 1991. He started his career at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he, as Director of Research and Evaluations, chaired the Medical Education Fellowship, a faculty development and leadership program.  He mentors faculty, residents, and students in their research endeavors covering a wider range of educational topics. He publishes in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including Academic Medicine, Medical Education, Journal of General Internal Medicine, and Teaching and Learning in Medicine.

Research Interests

  • Student wellbeing
  • Student assessment and program evaluation
  • Educational scholarship
  • Diversity and admissions


  • Doctoral Seminar in HPE
  • Quantitative Research Methods in HPE
  • Faculty Development Certificate Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Development of educational scholarship
  • Student wellbeing and mistreatment
  • Program evaluation
  • Student assessment

Professional Activities

  • Chair, AAMC Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation (MESRE) Section
  • Past-chair, National Grant Program, AAMC Group on Educational Affairs
  • Steering Committee Member, AAMC Group on Educational Affairs
  • Liaison, LGBTI Liaison Group, AAMC Group on Diversity and Inclusion

Select Publications

  1. Blanco MA, Gruppen LD, Artino AR, Uijtdehaage S, Szauter K, Durning SJ. How to write an educational research grant: AMEE Guide No 101.  Medical Teacher, 2016;38:113-22
  2. Bierer SB, Foshee C, Uijtdehaage S. Twelve Tips to Remain Current with the Medical Education Field. Medical Science Educator, 2015;25:163-170
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  5. Yashar M, Clarke S, Want E, Coates W, Uijtdehaage S.  Full-scale human simulation is effective in educating pre-clinical medical students on basic acute care skills. Medical Science Educator, 2014:24(4);363-368.
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