Stephen Krauss, CPT, PhD

Stephen Krauss, CPT, PhD

Name: Stephen Kraus, CPT, PhD

Department of Primary Appointment: Military & Emergency Medicine
Position: USU Faculty


CPT Stephen Krauss, PhD is Assistant Professor of Military and Emergency Medicine and Scientific Advisor for statistics in the Consortium for Human and Military Performance (CHAMP). He is a Research Psychologist in the US Army with a background in public health evaluation.  CPT Krauss has over 10 years of research experience in the psychology of religion/spirituality, behavioral health, healthy eating, obesity, problem solving, data analysis, and evaluation. 

As part of CHAMP, CPT Krauss works primarily on projects examining how different domains within the Chairman’s Total Force Fitness (TFF) framework intersect to create militarily relevant outcomes, such as resiliency, psychological well-being, and physical fitness. For example, one line of his research examines how training, diet, and psychological factors influence warrior physical fitness and obesity. 

CPT Krauss has a longstanding interest in psychological resiliency, and particularly the role of religion and spirituality in resiliency.  As a result, he works extensively with chaplains across the DoD to increase their use of evidence-based techniques and programs, as well as improve chaplaincy training.

As an educator, CPT Krauss teaches courses related to social and personality psychology, assists in leadership training, and helps oversee military field exercises.  


Education: B.A. (1999) in Religion, French and Philosophy and B.S. (1999) in Psychology from Baker University. M.S. (2003) in Research Psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  PhD (2013) in Social and Personality Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.