William R. Gilliland, MD, Col (ret), USA, MC

William R. Gilliland, MD, Col (ret), USA, MC

William Gilliland

Name: William R. Gilliland, MD, Col (ret), USA, MC

Department of Primary Appointment:
Position: USU Faculty
Title: Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Medical Education

Room: Room D3013-B



Dr. Gilliland is a professor of medicine.   He attended college at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL) where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a major in biology and minors in chemistry and English in 1981.  He then attended the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) where he graduated Alpha Omega Alpha in 1987.  With a growing interest in medical education, he obtained a MHPE from the University of Illinois- Chicago (UIC) in 2004.  

He completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and his Rheumatology fellowship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC).  After completing his fellowship at WRAMC, he stayed on as a staff physician and was later billeted as a member of in the Department of Medicine at USU.  After retiring from the Army in 2008, he served as the Assistant Dean for Curriculum and now serves the Associate Dean for Medical Education at USU.  He is a fellow in both the American College of Physicians and American College of Rheumatology.  He has numerous teaching awards including the ACP Master Teaching Award.  His Master’s thesis was named the outstanding research paper for the year at UIC. 


  • Instructs medical students, residents, and fellows in areas of expertise
  • Small group instructor- Introduction to Clinical Reasoning and Pathology
  • Former Course Director- Introduction to Clinical Medicine III
  • Former Clerkship Director- Internal Medicine Fourth Year Programs
  • Former Rheumatology Fellowship Director
  • MHPE Instructor: Instructional Design

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical specialty in internal medicine and rheumatology
  • Research interests include pre-autoimmune markers in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus and outcomes in medical education
  • Institutional accreditation

Select Publications

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