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The Faculty Senate is a representative body that provides the faculty a mechanism to participate in the governance of the university. The senate itself is governed by the Constitution of Faculty Organizations. The senate formulates issues of concern to the faculty and conveys these to the university administration. The senate is advisory to the president of the university and may pass resolutions and recommendations on issues concerning, but not limited to, education, research, and faculty welfare. The senate gathers monthly in a meeting that is open to all faculty, and reports, at least three times each year, to the Faculty Assembly.

The University Faculty Assembly consists of all individuals with current university faculty appointments at the level of Instructor or above in any School or Institute of the University, excluding adjunct appointments. The Faculty Assembly elects the officers and members of the Faculty Senate. A Faculty Assembly meeting is the forum through which information is disseminated and exchanged between the members of the senate and all faculty. It is where university and school policies may be discussed and deliberated and priorities set for senate action.

The Packard Lecture, Education Day, and Research Day are events sponsored by the senate to enrich the climate of scholarship and education at the university. The senate also honors faculty achievements through the Carol J. Johns, Henry C. Wu, James J. Leonard, and Innovation in Education awards.

Senators may be military or civilian and are drawn from faculty in basic and clinical departments of the School of Medicine, from the Graduate School of Nursing, from the Postgraduate Dental College, from the College of Allied Health Sciences,and from SOM faculty not billeted to USU.

Senators are expected to represent the voice of the faculty. Each senator is designated to represent at least one department at USU, and is responsible for seeking the opinions of those faculty members on matters concerning them, as well as communicating information on senate activities.

The senate functions through seven standing committees: Education, Research Policy, Comparability & Faculty Welfare, Constitution & Bylaws, Nomination & Election, Communications, and 1100 (Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Policy). The chair of each committee must be a senator, but committee membership is open to all USU faculty, and vigorous faculty participation is key to committee effectiveness. Each senator must serve on at least one senate committee; most serve on two.

Ad hoc committees and specific task forces may be appointed by standing committees, by the senate, or at the request of the administration. Serving in the senate or on any of its committees offers the faculty the opportunity to shape the future of USU.

******************** NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN FOR THE 2019-2020 ACADEMIC YEAR******************************
The annual Spring elections for the USU Faculty Senate are just around the corner (Ballots will be distributed in May). The Senate Nomination and Election Committee is inviting all faculty members interested in serving on the Senate to step forward and put their names on the ballot. If you are interested in nominating a colleague, instructions and the nomination form are located at:
More details:
Information on Senate Terms and Offices can be found at the Faculty Senate Homepage (https://www.usuhs.edu/faculty/senate/membership). See the Senate constitution (https://er.lrc.usuhs.edu/local/FacultySenateConstitution.html) for more details. 
Why should you serve? Be an active university member! Make a difference! This is an excellent opportunity to serve your university. Do you have an idea of how to improve our community? Then step up and let your voice be heard ! 
Positions that are open for the 2019-2020 academic year: 
President-elect : (3 year commitment )            View Duties of the Office  ( Section 5. Duties of Officers B. President-Elect of Senate Constitution, https://er.lrc.usuhs.edu/local/FacultySenateConstitution.html#PRES-ELECT)
Secretary-Treasurer: (2 year commitment)      View Duties of the Office  (Section 5. Duties of Officers D. Secretary-Treasurer of Senate Constitution, https://er.lrc.usuhs.edu/local/FacultySenateConstitution.html#SEC-TRES)
Senators:                   All Senator positions are 3 year commitments
School of Medicine:
   Billeted Basic Science Senator*         3 positions will be filled
   Billeted Clinical Science Senator*      2 positions will be filled
   Non-billeted Senator                          1 position will be filled
Graduate School of Nursing
   Billeted Senator   1 position will be filled
Postgraduate Dental College
   PDC Senator       3 positions will be filled
College of Allied Health Sciences
   CAHS Senator     2 positions will be filled
* Please note that the selection of a basic science vs. a clinical science senator is a function of the department in which your primary appointment resides, not your expertise. For example, a PhD researcher in a clinical department must run as a Clinical Science Senator. USU departments are categorized at https://www.usuhs.edu/departments-tabbed. Complete the initial, online nomination form that follows before Friday, April 5, 2019: 
Nominees will receive an e-mail asking for their consent to run - please answer affirmatively. Then, nominees will receive a second link to a Campaign Statement (300 word limit) page that may include answers to the following questions:
What do you see as the biggest issue facing the faculty?
What are the biggest opportunities for the faculty?
How can you best serve the faculty senate?
You will be asked to provide a Ballot Name: (as you wish it to appear on the ballot with rank and credentials) and a link to your University Profile (example: https://www.usuhs.edu/faculty-staff/sara-contente-phd
General questions about the nominations/election or technical issues regarding the nomination forms should be directed to facultysenateelections-ggg@usuhs.edu
Thank you
Nominations and Election Committee of the Faculty Senate
Minnie Malik, Ph.D.
Res. Assoc. Prof.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Bethesda, MD 20814