Family Medicine (FAP)

Uniformed Services University

Advanced Clinical Rotations Course Catalog

CAP 4000: Family Medicine CAPSTONE
Unique opportunity tailored to your specific interests.  Stuhhhdents are mentored by family medicine faculty on projects aligned with faculty expertise. 
FPR 4017:  Maternity Care / Reproductive Health
Students will gain additional knowledge, skill and procedural expertise in the evaluation and management of patients and families with maternity care/reproductive health issues. Students will actively participate in rounds, lectures and conferences as appropriate
FPR 4018: Metacognition – Thinking About How You Think
Through reading selected texts, writing reflective papers, and facilitating small groups, the metacognition elective allows post-clerkship medical students to continue developing practice of reflective thought.
FPR 4071:  Family Medicine Operational Medicine
Students work with family physicians assigned to operational units.  Students will gain experience in the clinical, administrative and leadership skills required of a medical officer to effectively function as part of an operational unit.
FPR 4076:   Family Medicine Comprehensive
Students will work closely with Family Physician faculty practicing full scope Family Medicine in a variety of settings. While there may be some site variation, students will gain experience with patient care in the outpatient, inpatient, labor & delivery and emergency department settings. A modest amount of overnight call may be a requirement. Students will participate in morning report and clinical conferences. Sites sponsoring these rotations are typically OCONUS or CONUS non-GME training sites.
FPR 4103:  Family Medicine Research
Students will gain an understanding of the types of research commonly done in the primary care setting working one-on-one with selected family physician faculty. Students will be required to formulate a research question, complete a literature review and draft a proposal that can serve as the basis for a Capstone project or be completed during Graduate Medical Education.   
FPR4110: Family Medicine Ambulatory
Students participate in the care of outpatients in the Family Medicine clinic, including acute and chronic and perform outpatient procedures. Students will participate in morning report, the Family Medicine lecture series and clinical conferences, as appropriate.
FPR 4130: Family Medicine Sub-Internship
Students are assigned the responsibilities of an incoming intern. A minimum of two weeks involve inpatient care including labor and delivery. Students admit, work-up and follow patients with various medical, surgical, pediatric & ob/gyn diagnoses. The rotation (depending on the site) may involve experiences in Family Medicine directed ambulatory, acute and emergency care settings as well.  Students attend and participate in morning report, lecture series and conferences.
FPR 4140: Sports Medicine
Students will evaluate, assess & formulate treatment plans for patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Students will master a sequential & thorough exam of the spine and extremities. Students will actively participate in conferences and lectures.
FPR 4141: Integrative Medicine
Students will gain an exposure to Integrative Health  -the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing. Students will choose 2 to 4 areas of concentration from the following list that includes: Acupuncture, Yoga, Art Therapy, Mind-Body Practices, Chiropractic Care, Nutrition, Animal/Pet Therapy, Behavioral Health in Primary Care, Patient Education, Palliative Care, Sexual Health & Intimacy, Tobacco Cessation. 
FPR4150: Family Medicine – Community Health Care
Students work with staff at selected agencies & organizations providing community health and social services to primarily underserved populations. Student gain experience in patient assessment, screening, health care education and the challenges of providing basic health care to underserved medicali groups. A variety of rotations are available (Bethesda Cares and other locations).
FPR4180: Complementary Medicine - Acupuncture 
An in-depth exposure to multiple physician acupuncture disciplines including traditional, e-stimulation, LASER, and integrative, mixed-modality therapies.  Students will learn fast & effective needle and non-needle modality treatments for acute & chronic pain syndromes and have the opportunity to become proficient in Battlefield Acupuncture. Students will learn and fully appreciate the outpatient, inpatient and operational contributions of physician acupuncture to the MHS.
FPR 4192: Motivational Interviewing and Behavioral Change
Students will learn basic behavior change strategies and methods to improve motivation for behavioral change in a Family Medicine environment. Throughout the month, students will complete readings, observe behavior change groups, participate in weekly discussions, and develop a paper to synthesize learned information.