Family Medicine (FAP)

Uniformed Services University

Elective or Sub-Internship Sign-Up Instructions

It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully so that ...
  • you can be enrolled in rotations that meet your educational needs,
  • faculty can plan your educational experience appropriately,
  • your evaluation from each rotation can be tracked, and
  • the Registrar can prepare your final transcript prior to graduation.
Scheduling a Rotation:
  • For each ACR, contact the site POC to verify availability of the rotation and secure a position.
  • A list of rotations offered and POCs is available here
  • If you want to complete a rotation at a site not on the list, contact FM ACR Coordinator at (301) 295-3634 
  • It often takes months to complete the steps necessary to authorize the rotation.  Start the process early!
  • Upon receipt of notification that you are scheduled for a rotation, enroll in the rotation in the Registrar's Empower System.  
Canceling a Rotation:
  • At least 30 days prior to the start date of the rotation you MUST notify the site POC of your intent to cancel the rotation.
  • Cancel your rotation registration in Empower. 
Rotation Completion:
  • During the last week of the rotation, ensure your preceptor has received an evaluation form from the USU Department of Family Medicine and ask that it be completed and returned as soon as possible following completion of the rotation.
  • The majority of rotation coordinators will receive evaluation templates via E*Value.
  • The Family Medicine Sub-Internship ACR Evaluation form is available here
  • Please contact FM ACR Coordinatory at 295-3634 with any questions