Family Medicine Health Services

FAM Contact Information

Uniformed Services University

Department of Family Medicine

4301 Jones Bridge Road, A1038
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799

Chair: COL Dana R. Nguyen

(301) 295-9466
Alternate Number (301) 295-3632
Fax (301) 295-3100

Health Services


Health Promotion and Wellness

University Occupational Health Service offers a variety of different services that aim to improve the overall health of the USU community. Blood pressure, weight and cholesterol screening as well as counseling on various health topics is available. We have provided a blood pressure booth for self-monitoring, located in Building B, 1st floor next to the ATM machine. An informational bulletin board is located in the cafeteria and a variety of health information can be found on the brochure rack outside of the University Occupational Health Service office, A2024. Individual and group smoking cessation counseling is available by contacting the University Occupational Health Service Nurse (301) 295-9444.


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Ergonomic Evaluation

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Reproductive Hazard Evaluation

The purpose of Reproductive Hazard Evaluation is to ensure that there are no exposure factors in the work environment that may harm the pregnant employee/student or her unborn child. Pregnant employees are encouraged to report to Occupational Medicine as soon as the pregnancy is known. Following a thorough work-site evaluation and potential exposure determination, the University Occupational Health Service Physician will discuss the results with the employee/student and recommend job restrictions or proper PPE if needed.