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Selective Clerkships

Family Medicine Selective Rotations:

Uniformed Family Physicians serve in a wide variety of roles in the MHS. Family Medicine selective rotations provide students the opportunity to work with Family Physicians in more focused areas of clinical practice as described below. Students with questions about Selective Rotations should contact FM ACR Coordinator, (301) 295-3634.


Selective Description:

FPO 3101: Complementary Medicine - Acupuncture
Description: An in-depth exposure to multiple physician acupuncture disciplines including traditional, e-stimulation, LASER, and integrative, mixed-modality therapies.  Students will learn fast & effective needle and non-needle modality treatments for acute & chronic pain syndromes and have the opportunity to become proficient in Battlefield Acupuncture. Students will learn and fully appreciate the outpatient, inpatient and operational contributions of physician acupuncture to the MHS.
FPO 3102:  Family Medicine Operational Medicine
Description: Students work with family physicians assigned to operational units.  Students will gain experience in the clinical, administrative and leadership skills required of a medical officer to effectively function as part of an operational unit.
FPO 3103: Primary Care Sports Medicine
Description: Students will master a sequential & thorough exam of the spine and extremities. Students will evaluate, assess & formulate treatment plans for patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  Students will actively participate in conferences and lectures. 

Selective Goals and Objectives

Selective Rotation Sites