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Reporting NCC Violations - National Capital Consortium

A Message from NCC Executive Director, CAPT Jerri Curtis, MC, USN (Ret)

We strive to provide an atmosphere where trainees can voice concerns or make recommendations about their training experience privately and without fear of retribution or retaliation. In most cases this can be effectively accomplished by communicating with the program director, faculty, chief resident, or one of the Directors for Medical Education. I, too am available if you wish to speak directly with me. However, I recognize in some instances a person may desire a greater sense of privacy which they believe could not be achieved via the normal route, particularly if the nature of the issue involves one or more of the aforementioned parties. To this end, I have instituted two additional mechanisms for trainees to report problems or concerns.

The first alternate mechanism is to contact the NCC Trainee Ombudsman, a neutral third party skilled in assisting trainees with resolving issues or problems and recommending appropriate resources. This individual is not in the military chain of command or associated with any particular training program. To set up an appointment the NCC Trainee Ombudsman can be reached at (301) 319-0709 Monday through Friday, 0700 - 1530.

The second option is to utilize our new electronic reporting system called the NCC Trainee Helpline which allows reporting via computer or telephone. The system is maintained and operated by EthicsPoint, a company dedicated to providing a safe reporting environment for institutions of higher learning, health care facilities, and public corporations. The NCC Trainee Helpline provides trainees the ability to electronically send information to me at their convenience, day or night without scheduling an appointment. Additionally, I or the Ombudsman can follow up and provide feedback through a confidential password-protected email account established and maintained by Ethics Point. Any trainee opting to use the NCC Trainee Helpline could elect to remain anonymous. The NCC has purchased this system primarily for the security it would provide users who desire this level of privacy.

Your input is essential in supporting a positive and ethical organizational culture throughout the NCC. Please know that when you use the NCC Trainee Helpline, you can report misconduct that you observe, or gain clarity on whether or not something is cause for concern. Further, we welcome your feedback and suggestions pertaining to areas where we can improve. All questions, allegations, and suggestions will be reviewed and responded to in a timely and appropriate manner. If you have any questions about the NCC Trainee Helpline going forward, please contact Ms. Stephenye Tyler at (301) 319-0709.

File a report from your workstation: NCC Trainee Helpline(link is external)

REMEMBER:Once you leave this page you are entering a secure site hosted by EthicsPoint, an independent agency that is not part of the NCC or USU website or intranet.

At this point, you will be directed to a page with a list of possible issues from which you can select to assist in describing and communicating your issue.

Complete the report, providing information about the incident or situation including

Who: Persons engaged in the incident, including titles
What: Incidents specifically occurred
Where: Location of the incident
When: Time and duration of the incident

Next, you will be asked to create a password. The EthicsPoint system will generate a unique code called a "Report Key." Write them both down and keep them in a safe place. You will need them to follow-up later, or if you ever want to review or amend your report.