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Emma Bockman Memorial Award


The Emma L. Bockman Memorial Fund was established in honor of the late Dr. Emma L. Bockman, an Associate Professor of Physiology at the Uniformed Services University from 1978 to 1985.  Dr. Bockman's exceptional abilities as an educator and researcher were recognized both within the University and in the scientific community.  Her dedication to teaching was felt by all that were fortunate enough to experience her Socratic methods.  In her memory, the Emma L. Bockman Memorial Fund established an annual award that keeps her academic ideals and quest for knowledge alive.
An award of $750 will be given to a USUHS graduate student who best represents the ideals held by Dr. Bockman.  The recipient of the award is selected competitively based upon the applicant's research (proposed, completed, or in progress), academic performance and community service. Awards will be presented during Research Days.
The Emma L. Bockman Award is intended to support scholarly endeavors that enhance the recipient’s scientific career and may be used for such purposes that include purchase of supplies for a collaborative research project, payment of tuition for a special course to enhance the individual's scholarly capability, provide travel to a relevant scientific meeting or conference, or purchase equipment, books, or computer programs to support a scholarly effort.
To apply, a student should submit an abstract of 750 words or less briefly outlining a research project.  The abstract must conform to the following format: Title, Background with Objective(s), Methods, Results, and Discussion.  The abstract could describe a well thought out proposal for scholarly activity to be performed, with a review of the relevant literature. All abbreviations must be defined and can be placed in a separate table which will not be charged to the word count. The application must contain a statement of how the awardee will use the $750 to enhance his or her academic career. The applicant must also supply USUHS transcripts, a curriculum vitae and a confidential letter from one faculty sponsor. The letter should outline faculty support and guidance along with the student's scholarly ability, integrity, and contributions to the University and outside community.
2019 applications are due by March 30, 2019.  For further information, please visit the Google Site: Emma Bockman Memorial Award or contact Dr. Byrnes at kimberly.byrnes@usuhs.edu or 301-295-3217.  Applications must be submitted as a single pdf to Dr. Kim Byrnes at kimberly.byrnes@usuhs.edu



2019 - Britney Hardy - Emerging Infectious Diseases
2018 - Kelsey Voss - Emerging Infectious Diseases
2017 - Sarah Thibault-Sennett - Molecular & Cell Biology
2016 - Sash Larsen - Emerging Infectious Diseases
2015 - Ryan Johnson - Emerging Infectious Diseases
2014 - Eric Prager- Neuroscience
2013 - Suman Paul - Emerging Infectious Diseases
2012 - Joseph Abbah - Neuroscience
2011 - Jacqueline Surls - Molecular & Cell Biology