Masters Degree Requirements

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Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences and Public Health

Masters Degree Requirements

In addition to the following requirements, special departmental requirements may be imposed. The student should be certain to check with the department regarding special requirements. 

Program and Course Requirements 

The minimum residency requirement shall be 12 months of full-time graduate study. The minimum requirement for formal course work shall be 32 credit hours and the minimum requirements for total academic credit shall be 48 credit hours. "Full-time graduate study" and credit hours are defined among the requirements for the Ph.D. degree.

The academic content of several basic sciences and clinical sciences courses includes participation in laboratory experiences which may involve the use of laboratory animals. Participation in these laboratories is mandatory. Failure to participate in these laboratories will result in sufficient grounds for course failure and review by the Graduate Education Committee and potential disenrollment as discussed in this section. 

A written thesis approved by a committee composed of three members of the graduate faculty will be required of all candidates for the Master of Science degree. For other programs leading to different degrees at the masters level (such as Master of Public Health), a written thesis subject to similar faculty approval may or may not be required. Additional requirements may be established for programs leading to specific degrees at the masters level. Publications will not be accepted in lieu of a written thesis.

Transfer of Credit

Academic credit for formal courses taken by a USU graduate student within the past five years at another institution, either before or after the student initiates a program of graduate study at USU, may be transferred for credit and used toward fulfillment of degree requirements at USU, provided that such courses are comparable to graduate level courses at USU, and at the discretion of the graduate faculty of the department in which enrolled. However, transfer of credit will require the approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education. 

Committee, acting on the recommendation of the appropriate graduate program faculty. Students who have satisfactorily fulfilled the minimal requirements for academic credit are eligible to maintain matriculation while completing other requirements for the degree. 

Due to academic and procedural differences between U.S. regionally accredited and foreign institutions, credit from foreign universities is not normally acceptable for transfer.

The grades on transfer do not affect the grade point average of work taken at the Uniformed Services University. A grade of "A" from another institution cannot balance a "C" on a course here. The request for transfer of credit shall be submitted to the Associate Dean for Graduate Education for approval at the earliest possible time. The candidate is subject to final examination by USU in all work offered for the degree.

Deadlines For Graduation

The student should be aware of the various deadlines for the final requirements in the academic quarter in which he or she expects to graduate.