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The Jonas Nurse Scholar program supports nursing students pursuing PhD and DNP degrees.  The Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program helps improve the healthcare for US veterans by supporting educational advancement for nurses involved in all levels of veterans’ healthcare (direct patient care, administration, policy, research and faculty careers) obtain doctoral (PhD and DNP) degrees.

In 2014, the Jonas Center awarded the GSN seven Jonas Veterans Healthcare grants (pictured above on the left) that supported 5 PhD students Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Danchanko, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Lalon Kasuke, Air Force Maj. Jacqueline Killian, Navy Lt. Cmdr. John Litchfield, and Air Force Maj. Laurie Migliore;  and 2 DNP student groups: Scholar Team 1 Maj. Audry Torres, Maj. Imshin Kim, Capt. Jeremy Mahoney, Capt. Elizabeth Poindexter, at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Wash.) and Scholar Team 2 Capt. Michael Allen, Capt. Alexander Kats and Maj. Jenifer Prosser at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2016 the Jonas Center awarded the 7 Jonas Veteran's Healthcare Grants (pictured above on the right) to the GSN: 5 for DNP students: CPT Amy Brzuchalski, Capt Tekia Jones, LT Colleen Spiri, CPT Christine Terehoff and CAPT Melissa Boetig; and 2 to PhD students; CDR Kennett Radford, MAJ Christopher Stucky.  These 7 scholars joined 425 scholars competitively selected at 140 schools spanning all 50 states and upon graduation will be among the more than 1000 Jonas scholars who are helping shape the future of healthcare as nurse educators and leaders.

In  2018 the Jonas Center awarded the GSN 4 more Jonas Veteran's Healthcare Grants: 2 for DNP students: Capt Adrienne Vieson and MAJ Amber Birkle; and 2 to PhD students; Ms Lisa Perla and LCDR Melissa Troncoso.  Since inception, the Jonas foundation has awarded nearly $25 million in scholarships to more than 1000 doctoral Nursing Scholars, 285 of them specifically focused on advancing veteran's healthcare.

​​Each Jonas scholar completes a leadership development initiative as part of their participation.  The 2014-2016 Jonas cohort completed ​individually determined ​Leadership Project​s (Summary of the completed projects) and students in the 2016-2018 cohort were required to complete a series of self-paced online leadership modules.