Operational Curriculum

GSN Nurse Anesthesia

Operational Curriculum

GSN APRN Operational Curriculum

The GSNs Operational Curriculum is integrated throughout the APRN (DNP, MSN) program with the purpose to develop military APRNs that are capable to provide care both in the MTF as well as in the operational setting.  The GSNs Operational Curriculum is divided into three domains; Core, Specialty and Operational Electives.(FIGURE)  The Core operational curriculum is primarily delivered over the first year of the program and encompasses general skills that are required of all APRNs serving in the operational setting.  Specialty specific operational competencies build on the Core Curriculum and provide the learner with the knowledge and skills that are required to function the unique specialty requirements of the APRN practice.  Lastly, GSN APRN students have the opportunity to attend an operational elective course.  Operational Elective courses serve to reinforce Core and Specialty material and are conducted in austere and operational settings.

In addition to the opportunity to support humanitarian missions, practice in austere clinical settings, or provide expertise in support of AFRICOM the GSN internally hosts three operational elective courses.  Dive Medicine, Military Mountain Medicine and the Cold Weather Medicine are offered throughout the academic year. 


 Dive Medicine

GSN Students in Scuba Diving Setting

The Dive Medicine Course is a 14 day didactic and practical experience where students learn how to prevent injury, or rescue, diagnose and treat victims who have willingly or accidently entered into a body of water. Students become open water, advanced open water and water rescue dive certified. 




Military Mountain Medicine

GSN Students in Mountain Setting

The Military Mountain Medicine Course is a 14 day didactic and practical experience where students are provided with extensive education in mountain/wilderness medicine. Operational medicine is integrated with tactical skills like mountaineering, map reading, avalanche basics and patient transport.










Cold Weather Medicine

GSN Student in Cold Weather Setting

Cold Weather Medicine is a 10 day didactic and practical experience that provides advanced cold weather and mountain training with an emphasis in casualty care and evacuation within the austere environment.