Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education

HPE Faculty


In keeping with the Uniformed Services University's mission, the Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education (HPE) are designed to be the premier provider of health professions education for the Military Health System (MHS). Through leadership in teaching, research, and scholarship, the Graduate Programs in HPE provide direct benefit to the uniformed services and other federal agencies by producing a cadre of leaders with expertise in the field of health professions education.

The overarching goal of the Graduate Programs in HPE is to educate practitioners who will serve as academic leaders (e.g., deans, program directors, department heads) and will contribute to the continuous advancement of health professions education and research. Graduates of the program are uniquely situated to take major leadership roles within the MHS.

Interested candidates have three different program options:

  • Foundations in Health Professions Education (FHPE). The FHPE is a certificate program designed to be a stepping stone toward the MHPE or PhD in HPE. 
  • Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE). The MHPE program is the cornerstone of the Graduate Programs in HPE; it provides broad scholarly experience in the theory and practice of HPE by providing learners with the opportunity to participate in a series of formal courses, conduct original research, and obtain practical experiences to further enhance their leadership and educator skills. 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Health Professions Education (PhD in HPE). The PhD in HPE is the highest academic degree one can attain at the University; it is meant to serve those select students who desire to be at the forefront of the scholarship, leadership, and teaching of health professions students and residents. Although a master’s degree (e.g., MHPE, MPH, MEd, or MS degree) is not a prerequisite for the PhD in HPE, it is highly desirable. 

For more information about these program options, please see the Program Requirements page or contact us by phone or email.

All three programs in HPE can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, and many courses are offered in a hybrid format in which sessions are held either in-class or online.  To be eligible for admission into any of the HPE programs, an individual must be an employee of the federal government (either civilian or uniformed). Exceptions to this rule can occasionally be established though an official MOU between USU and an organization that wishes to enroll students in our program.