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Tony AERA Research Award4/14/18 Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Artino, Deputy Director for HPE, on winning the American Educational Research Association (AERA)'s Division I Outstanding Research Publication Award. The bi-annual award recognizes substantial contributions to the literature and/or practice of graduate education, highlighting "scholarship that extensively revises our knowledge and understanding of a particular problem in the study of graduation education or looks at it in a new way." Dr. Artino earned the recognition for his article Motivation to Learn: An Overview of Contemporary Theories, co-written with Dr. David Cook of the Mayo Clinic and published in Medical Education.


Lara Lauren

8/15/17 Our very own Dr. Lara Varpio was featured on the latest episode of the KeyLIME PodCast (KeyLIME = Key Literature in Medical Education). KeyLIME is a bi-weekly podcast produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. In the episode, Dr. Varpio discusses some of her favorite papers about qualitative research. She notes in the episode: " the spirit of supporting the community, I'd like to offer some suggested readings to those community members who are, say, not as well versed in qualitative research methods and methodologies... these are some of the primers and go-to resources that I share with my colleagues who want to start engaging in this work." Congrats Lara!


6/21/17 Congratulations to Mr. Ed Jones and Dr. Eric Meyer for winning the 2017 "Innovation in Education Award" at USU's 10th Annual Education Day. Two awards were granted: the judge's choice award, calculated using scores from multiple judges, and the people's choice award, tabulated using votes from the audience. Dr. Meyer, a USU faculty member and graduate student in the HPE program, won the people's choice award and presented his work on "A New Psychiatric Clerkship Experience: Improved Skills in a Simulated Clinical Environment." Once again, congratulations!


5/18/17 The Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) awarded the 2017 CDIM Louis N. Pangaro, MD, Educational Program Development Award to Steven J. Durning, MD, PhD, FACP, Joseph Rencic, MD, FACP, and Robert L. Trowbridge, Jr., MD, FACP. The award was presented in March during the CDIM Member Recognition and Awards Lunch at Academic Internal Medicine Week 2017 in Baltimore. For more information on this award, please see the award announcement on the CDIM web pages. As noted by CDIM, “Dr. Durning, Dr. Rencic, and Dr. Trowbridge are recognized for their collective work in advancing and addressing every relevant aspect of clinical reasoning education with their book entitled Teaching Clinical Reasoning.”


5/11/17 Congratulations to Drs. Dario Torre, Steven Durning, and Barbara Daley for their recent research article in MedEdPublish entitled, Using Concept Maps to Create Meaningful Learning in Medical Education. This article has had the highest number of views (>5,000) of any article published in the journal since its launch in June of 2016! MedEdPublish is an "open-access, specialist practitioner, e-journal that enables academics, teachers, clinicians, researchers and students to publish their experiences, views and research findings relating to teaching, learning and assessment in medical and health professions education" using a post-publication, peer-review model. 


5/10/17 Dr. Anthony Artino, Deputy Director for HPE, was recently featured in AM Rounds, the official blog of Academic Medicine. “In my current role, I'm responsible for teaching, research, and administrative leadership,” he said. Dr. Artino also teaches and conducts research in HPE. “I’ve worked with several colleagues to explore responsible research practices in academic medicine and the use of alternative metrics to help researchers gauge how their work is disseminated outside of traditional publications," Dr. Artino explained. “Keep your eye out for a couple of upcoming papers on these topics in Academic Medicine!”


5/8/17 Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Maggio for winning the "Best Paper Presentation" in the category of Continuing Medical Education at 2017 annual meeting of the Northeastern Group on Educational Affairs. Dr. Maggio won this award for a paper she co-authored with fellow HPE faculty members, Drs. Holly Meyer and Anthony Artino. Their paper explores the use of "alternative metrics" or altmetrics, which provide timely feedback on article impact by tracking dissemination of articles via non-traditional outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook. 


3/24/17 Congratulations to Capt Luke Surry on a successful defense of his master's thesis! Capt Surry is our first MHPE trainee to defend his thesis. He will graduate in May 2017. His multiple- mixed-methods research explores clinical reasoning using multiple-choice questions (MCQs), think-alouds, and concept maps. This work informs our understanding of clinical reasoning errors, as called for by the Institute of Medicine. Furthermore, it adds validity evidence for contemporary high-stakes uses of MCQ-based exams.


11/18/16 Congratulations to Dr. Lara Varpio for winning the 2016 Diana Forsythe Award, granted by the American Medical Informatics Association. This award honors a paper that best exemplifies research at the intersection of informatics and social sciences. Dr. Varpio won this prestigious award for her paper investigating how electronic health records (ERHs) impact clinicians' abilities to build the patient's story. Paper citation: Varpio, L., Rashotte, J., Day, K., King, J., Kuziemsky, C., & Parush, A. (2015). The EHR and building the patient’s story: A qualitative investigation of how EHR use obstructs a vital clinical activity. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 84(12), 1019-1028.


7/14/16 Congratulations to Drs. Steven Durning and Anthony Artino for being awarded a $1.6 million research grant from the Joint Program Committee-1 (JPC-1), which is part of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. The research team is comprised of several faculty members from the Department of Medicine, as well as a number of national and international collaborators. The primary purpose of the research is to better understand the nature of clinical reasoning and how contextual features in a given situation may impact how physicians decide and act. What makes the project unique is its emphasis on the development of new ways to measure clinical reasoning in complex clinical situations.  


7/6/16  Dr. Lara Varpio was selected to be the newest member of the AMEE Research Committee. She will join the committee in September of 2016 and will be one of only 15 international members responsible for leading the research initiatives for the world’s largest medical education society, representing 4,500 members from over 1,000 institutions and 150 nations.  Dr. Varpio will be joining a small team of scholars who work to advance the research of scholars across the continuum of health professions education. Please help us congratulate Dr. Varpio on being invited to join this prestigious international committee.


6/15/16  Congratulations to Dr. William Bynum for being awarded a $5,000 research grant from the AAMC's Group on Educational Affairs. His proposal was selected from a pool of 42 submissions. Dr. Bynum's research, which is supported by three HPE faculty members (Drs. Varpio, Uijtdehaage, and Artino), explores how medical residents experience shame. This grant will not only provide funding for Dr. Bynum’s research but will also bring this sensitive and largely overlooked issue to the forefront nationally.


5/10/16  Professor Anthony Artino, Deputy Director of the USU Health Professions Education program, recently graduated from the AAMC’s two-year Leadership Education & Development (LEAD) Program. It is designed to enhance knowledge, skills, values, and practical experiences in educational leadership with a focus on academic medicine. "Dr. Artino was competitively selected for this prestigious opportunity,” HPE Director Dr. Steven Durning explained. “And the HPE program as well as the MHS are already benefiting from his participation."


4/21/16  Health Professions associate professor Lauren Maggio was recently featured in AM Rounds, the official blog of Academic Medicine. “I recently joined the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD where I am collaborating with a fantastic team of educators to launch a master’s and doctoral degree program in health professions education,” she said. Maggio also teaches and conducts research in HPE and information science. “I’m interested in exploring how to effectively connect health professionals, learners and patients through the design of educational initiatives and by facilitating access to knowledge for public and professional use," Maggio explained. “This interest has led me to lead several studies in evidence-based medicine, including a few recently published in Academic Medicine.”


3/22/16  Health Professions Education faculty member Alexis Battista, PhD recently received the Outstanding Dissertation Award at George Mason University’s College of Education and Human Development. Her study aimed to explore how simulations support learning.  Battista wrote, “Although simulations are often reported to primarily support learning through repeated practice and receipt of post-practice feedback, the findings from this study extend our understanding of the critical role faculty play during simulation practice.” The findings also suggest that simulation-based learning environments provide students with access to both formal learning experiences, e.g., eFAST practice (Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma), and informal learning experiences where students engage in culturally relevant patient care activities. The dissertation used a mixed-methods approach.