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Grant-Funded Research

Although extramural grants for HPE research can be difficult to attain, faculty members in HPE have been fortunate to receive funding from a number of organizations both inside and outside the Military Health System. Due, in part, to this extramural funding, faculty and students in HPE have the resources necessary to conduct cutting-edge HPE research.

Below is a select list of recent, extramurally funded research grants won by HPE faculty.



Title: Developing assessment tools to better understand the mechanisms of clinical reasoning in military medical simulation

Funding Agency: Joint Program Committee-1 (JPC-1)/Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

Amount: $1,534,972

Principal Investigators: S. J. Durning and A. R. Artino



Title: Exploring the impact of sleep deprivation and caffeine on operationally relevant complex cognitive processes

Funding Agency: Military Operational Medicine Research Program

Amount: $103,000

Principal Investigators: T. J. Doty and S. J. Durning



Title: The impacts of cognitive load on diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning during the medical encounter

Funding Agency: MedU

Amount: $25,000

Principal Investigator: K. Picho



Title: Developing and testing a self-regulated learning assessment methodology combined with virtual-patient simulation in medical education

Funding Agency: U.S. Air Force Medical Research Program

Amount: $91,000

Principal Investigator: A. R. Artino



Title: Interprofessional teams and the use of electronic charting systems

Funding Agency: Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Amount: $116,000

Principal Investigator: L. Varpio