PHD HPE Course Requirements

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PhD in HPE Course Requirements

The educational offerings necessary for graduate degrees in HPE are fairly consistent across institutions. Below are the course offerings for students pursuing the PhD in HPE degree. 

The PhD in HPE consists of at least 24 months of enrollment following completion of the MHPE. For individuals pursuing a PhD in HPE without a MHPE, core MHPE courses must be completed... The PhD degree program consists of a number of other required components, in addition to the formal courses. These include the satisfactory completion of a dissertation (resulting in at least four peer-reviewed papers accepted for publication), completion of a written portfolio (which serves as the written qualifying exam), a practicum experience, and an oral dissertation defense.

*Note: USUHS graduate courses are based on quarter credit hours. One (1) traditional semester credit hour is equivalent to 1.5 quarter credit hours.