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MDL: Anatomical Teaching Lab Services

Anatomical Teaching Laboratories

The Anatomical Teaching Laboratories (ATL), traditionally called Gross Anatomy Lab, provides laboratory teaching support of the anatomical sciences. The ATL is a branch of the Multidiscipline Laboratories under the direct supervision of the Anatomical Curator who is responsible to the Director, Multidiscipline Laboratories.

What support services are provided?

The ATL provides cadavers/anatomical materials for dissection, osteological study sets, instruments, instructional aids (anatomical models, charts, embedded cross-sections), audiovisual materials (videotapes and slides), and protective clothing for all anatomical related laboratory teaching. The ATL also provides support for anatomical-related research protocols. A wide range of courses and conferences are held in the ATL to take advantage of the unique setting for utilization of cadaveric material and lecture setting instruction. In addition, the ATL is responsible for overseeing the USUHS Anatomical Gift Program (whole body donations).

How do I obtain these services?

All support requests should be submitted in memorandum form to the Assistant Director for Anatomical Services. There will be additional information required and protocol approval necessary before an event will be scheduled or tissue made available. Please allow sufficient lead time to coordinate your support requirements.

Who is supported?

Medical student teaching is the primary support area (especially the Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Pathology courses). Third and fourth year clerkships (Anatomy, Surgery and Radiology) and graduate student (teaching/research) opportunities are routinely supported throughout the year. The ATL provides support for Graduate and Continuing Medical Education in such specialties as anesthesiology, dermatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and various surgical disciplines (e.g., orthopedics and plastic surgery). The ATL also supports the Army and Navy Dental schools as well as various military allied health programs.

What facilities are available?

The teaching laboratories (Room G039) are located on the ground floor of "A" building. Six bays which can accommodate 32 students each are available (8 tables per bay). There are also autopsy and preparation rooms available for teaching in small groups or preparing dissections for instruction. The ATL support areas are designed to accommodate special surgical procedures and anatomic research protocols.

When is the ATL open?

During the Gross Anatomy Course the teaching labs and the anatomical resources labs are open to the students 24 hours a day with the exception of one hour for cleaning in the morning. At all other times access is controlled by the Anatomical Curator.