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Classroom Support

What classroom support services are provided?

The MDL supports all classroom teaching by providing AV equipment, conference planning, audiovisual equipment training and audiovisual technical support. Centralized room scheduling for classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms and the Auditorium is coordinated via the MDL Office (Room A-2030). The MDL does not provide furniture or telephone answering services.

How do I reserve a room for an on-going meeting or course?

Room requests for year-long reservations are solicited annually in May and must be submitted to the MDL Office beginning June 1st. The MDL books the Room Request s in the order that they are received keeping in mind the academic schedule of the multiple schools of the university. Specific instructions for submitting this type of reservation are distributed to all USUHS activities via memo. Since space is heavily booked during the academic year, it is recommended that room requests be submitted punctually.

How do reserve room for a one-time meeting?

Complete and submit a "Request for Use of USUHS Facilities" form which is available in the MDL Office. These requests are processed twice daily at 1000 and 1400 hours. Confirmations may be picked up shortly after these times or can be returned via campus mail or fax. Confirmations or availability of rooms can not be given over the phones or by email. You may download a copy of the form from the link on the website, but the submitted copy must have a valid signature.

How far in advance may I reserve a room?

Due to space constraints to meet student teaching needs, rooms are reserved for USUHS functions from August to August each year. The Auditorium may be scheduled for USUHS-sponsored regional or national meetings one year in advance. Events requiring further advance booking must be submitted to the President's office for approval.

What audiovisual equipment is standard in all room?

A video projector, computer setup, VCR/TV monitor, 35mm slide projector, overhead projector, projection screen, chalk, eraser, pointer and blackboard are available in every room. The larger classrooms also have sound systems, microphones, CD playback, audiotape playback/record, DVD playback, and Elmo projection devices. Please request all AV requirements on your room request form.

What support is provided to student teaching lectures?

MDL audiovisual support personnel conduct a daily inspection of all USUHS classrooms and conference rooms at 0630 hours. MDL staff are also "on call" during duty hours to respond quickly to AV technical problems. Phones are available in all rooms for this purpose.

What if I just want to borrow a piece of AV equipment?

Audiovisual equipment is available for loan on a limited amount of AV equipment. We ask that requestors give us at least 24 hours notice prior to needing the equipment since there may not be any available.

What if I'm uncertain how to operate a piece of AV equipment?

The Classroom Support staff will be happy to assist you by providing you a quick training session. We also encourage an annual departmental faculty briefing of the student lecture rooms as a refresher course. Please notify the MDL Office if you would like this service. Please remember it is the responsibility of the user to become competent in the use of USUHS audiovisual equipment.

Additional information may be obtained from Instruction #5041.