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MDL: Grading Support

Examination Grading Support

Examinations are designed and administered at the departmental level. The MDL provides the University a computer-based grading service. Like the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT) and National Board Examinations (NBME), the MDL utilizes an Optical Mark Reader (OMR), to scan the answer sheets, linked to an IBM PC-AT microcomputer to analyze the results. The MDL also has the capability to conduct computerized testing utilizing in-house computers and a testing program called Test Pilot.

What are the system's capabilities?

This grading system is capable of grading multiple choice tests with one correct answer per question. In addition, an answer key edit function is available if (after reviewing the test results) the answer to a question must be changed to allow more than on correct answer.

Test analysis capabilities include the following:

  • A complete item analysis of each test question.
  • Descriptive statistical analysis of overall class performance.
  • Listing of student scores and related descriptive statistics sorted alphabetically (for faculty use) and by confidential student ID number (for public posting).
  • A student response listing showing the student?s incorrect response and the correct answer.
  • The system is also capable of grading and providing statistics for subtests within the overall test.

The test analysis capabilities can also be applied to the test results file from the computerized testing program.

Faculty Information

How do I obtain these services?

We recommend a short briefing for new users which will allow the opportunity to describe the system capabilities. Those faculty members who have used the system before should simply turn in the exam for grading to the MDL office with a completed Exam Submission Form, the student answer sheets and exam pencils.

What are my responsibilities as a faculty member administering an exam?

The faculty member is responsible for picking up blank answer sheets and pencils from the MDL office and returning them at the time the test is turned in for grading. You must provide a completed answer key and MDL Exam Submission Form which will provide us with key information needed to grade the exam. There is also an instruction sheet distributed with tests that more fully explains faculty testing responsibilities. For the computerized testing, the faculty member is responsible for developing the exam and working with appropriate personnel in BID (Biomedical Informatics Department) to insure the exam is prepared properly.

Does the MDL support National Board Examinations?

USUHS is an official test center for the National Board Examinations. The MDL supervises the purchase and scheduling of the Step I and Step II (CS and CK) Certifying Exams to the MS-II and MS-IV classes respectively. Subject exams in both the Basic and Clinical Sciences may also be coordinated through this office. Please see the MDL Coordinator for additional information or refer to USUHS Instruction # 6301.

Student Information

What are my responsibilities as a student taking an examination?

To complete the answer sheet as instructed. The response bubbles must be completely darkened using a number two pencil. Any test incorrectly completed (e.g., stray marks, incomplete erasures, use of a non-number two pencil, etc.) may result in lower grade.

When do I receive my test scores?

The MDL staff grades all examinations within 48 hours and returns them to the academic department for their review. It is the prerogative of that department when they will post the scores. The MDL cannot release grades to students.

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