Student and Student Lab Support

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Student and Student Laboratory Support

Student Support

What items are issued to students?

The following items are provided to students on either a temporary loan or permanent issue basis: Bone boxes, Lab jackets, Lockers, Microscopes, Physician's Medical Instrument, Slide sets, and Textbooks. When accepting or returning a loan item, please retain the issue receipt in the unlikely event a record-keeping error is made.

When do issue events occur?

Issue dates and times are coordinated with class officers at times which are compatible with student schedules. While the MDL staff makes a concerted effort to issue the majority of instructional aids at the beginning of each academic year, additional issue events occur throughout the year. As each new instructional period begins, you should expect an issue of lab manuals, slide sets, etc.

What if I cannot attend a scheduled issue event?

Students having legitimate reasons for missing a scheduled issue event may coordinate, in advance, an alternate time with the MDL Office. Students who miss an issue event without prior coordination will be refereed to the Commandant's Office.

What if I lose a issue item?

The School of Medicine will not replace lost or stolen items. Issue of the following year's textbooks is contingent upon the return of previously loaned items. If you lose a loan item, you are responsible for payment or replacement as determined by the Director, MDL.

Are lockers available for student use?

Two lockers are provided to first and second year medical students. A locker is also provided to graduate students during their first two years at the school. Students must provide locks for their lockers. Students will be notified as to when they must vacate their lockers each year.

Are lab jackets available for student use?

Each MSI medical student is issued two lab jackets for use during their four years at USUHS. Measurements for these jackets are taken during Orientation Week and the jackets are subsequently ordered. Following issue, maintenance of and replacements for lab jackets become the responsibility of the student.

Student Laboratory Support

What basic support services are provided?

The MDL supports student teaching laboratory exercises by providing the following: pre-laboratory coordination of logistical support, procurement of all requested materials, complete staging and destaging of equipment and supplies, technical assistance during lab exercise, and documentation/cost analysis following the lab. Each laboratory also has a computer at each station. This provides the faculty and students the opportunity to utilize this resource in there educational experience. The computers are setup with presentation software, server access, and internet access. It is our goal to have the students and faculty enter a lab exercise to learn and teach respectively with minimal technical difficulties.

What facilities are available for laboratory teaching?

Most labs exercises are conducted in the MDL labs located on the second floor of "A" building or the Anatomical Teaching Lab (see above). Fourteen labs which can accommodate 24 students each are available in the second floor suite.

When are the MDL Labs open?

The labs are open 24 hours a day to facilitate after-hours student use.

Faculty information:

How do I obtain these services?

New/additional lab requirements for on-going labs should be requested no less than four (4) months prior to the lab exercise to ensure adequate procurement time. These requirements may be submitted on an Instructional Support Request Form which are available from the MDL Office. Working from these requirements, the MDL staff will follow an established lab coordination process to fully support the lab exercise to its successful completion.

How can a new lab exercise be introduced?

Faculty members are encouraged to expand laboratory teaching. New protocols should be submitted to the MDL Director to insure that there is time and space in the labs to conduct the exercise. These protocols should include a detailed description of the lab exercise, a listing of required supplies and equipment and the estimated cost of the lab. The faculty members need to insure the lab exercise receives academic approval then funding will sought for the exercise and when obtained, the lab exercise can be implemented. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to begin the approval process a year prior to the implementation date.

Student information:

What support is provided to students during lab exercises?

MDL staff is present during major lab exercises to provide technical and logistical support. If your equipment is not functioning properly, it will be replaced or corrective action will be taken to assure a successful laboratory experience. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

May photographs be taken during lab exercises?

Taking photographs is not permitted during laboratory exercises which involve the utilization of animals, or in the Anatomical Teaching Labs (ATL).

Who is responsible for lab maintenance?

When each laboratory exercise is completed, the students are required to conduct a clean-up of their laboratory station. All equipment will be cleaned and trash disposed of properly. Specific responsibilities are outlined in lab instructions provided to you during each lab exercise.

May I bring food and drinks into the labs?

For obvious health and safety reasons, no eating, drinking, or smoking (or application of cosmetics) is permitted in the labs at any time.

Additional information may be obtained from Instruction #3205.