Faculty Development Certificate Program

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program was initiated in 2011 by the USU Faculty Development Advisory Council to coordinate Faculty Development, and provide recognition to USU Faculty who devote their time to improving their academic scholarship and skills as teachers. In 2014 the certificate program was refined to three individual tracks of study: teaching, academic leadership, and scholarship & research. At that time the certificate program expanded to include all uniformed and government employees, who are actively teaching health professionals in the Military Health System. A core team of experienced educators from USU and the Military Treatment Facilities provided over 600 class hours and awarded over 10,000 credit hours in FY19. 

Each certificate requires 30 class hours in different classes in a designated track. Advanced Teaching is a new certificate track starting October 2019, that requires 60 Teaching class hours in different classes, 3 peer observations, and 1 reflective writing. Please see these links for more information:

Faculty Development Self-Service Site – Apply for an account, view program information, view newsletter, view available classes, register for classes, view attendance records 

Certificate Tracks 
    • Teaching
    • Advanced Teaching
    • Academic Leadership
    • Scholarship and Research