Faculty Development Resources

Faculty Development Lecture


USU Online Faculty Appointment System – The workflow is for Assistant Professor or Instructor level appointment requests only. Appointments include Instructor, Assistant Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor, and Research Assistant Professor. Applicants can use this system to request Primary and Secondary appointments.

AAMC CV – Tips and tools for creating a CV, Teaching Portfolio, Biographical Sketches, Statements, and Executive Summaries from the Association of American Medical Colleges

Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education – The overarching goal of the USU Graduate Programs in HPE is to educate practitioners who will serve as academic leaders (e.g., deans, program directors, department heads) and will contribute to the continuous advancement of health professions education and research. Graduates of the program are uniquely situated to take major leadership roles within the MHS.

Peer Review of Teaching Self Service Site – Provides faculty with tools to coordinate a review of their teaching event (lecture, small group, etc.) by peer faculty and then track their progress and review feedback.  Selected reviewers use the site to record an online review of their peers.