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F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine

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"America's Medical School"

The F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine is traditional in many ways, but it has unique tenets that make it a special place. Among its singular features is a curriculum that places special emphasis on military and public health medicine. This foundation prepares students for the important roles they will take on as uniformed physicians.

Our program melds the study of basic science, the clinical practice of medicine and military leadership training to produce innovative doctors. This signature blend of education and training distinguishes USU as a leader among institutions of learning.

Our motto, "Learning to Care for Those in Harm's Way"

Med School Spotlight

The Operation Bushmaster exercise serves as the final examination for the Military Contingency Medicine course for all fourth-year medical students at the Uniformed Services University. Cut suits, acquired from USU’s Val G. Hemming Simulation Center, were used for the first time this year to present a realistic scenario for the students. Cut suits are used to teach important medical skills to USU students. They also bring a significant amount of realism to university field training exercises.

Bushmaster 2014

Bushmaster 2014