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The goals of RPP are focused on enabling medical students to succeed while in school and in the future as they begin their clinical careers. Specific goals include: providing first-year medical students with an intern or resident who can help guide them through the pre-clerkship phase with reassurance and perspective, improving the performance of medical students in school by putting them in contact with recent medical school graduates, and fostering the growth of both medical students and interns or residents into mature professionals and leaders in both the healthcare field and the military.

The purposes of this program are to provide medical students with: guidance on how to manage the rigors of life in medical school, real world perspectives on professional medicine, a foundation to begin a successful professional medical career, and experience participating in a professional mentorship. This program will also provide one or two first-year medical students with the opportunity to lead RPP. In addition, interns and residents will gain professional mentoring experience, enabling them the opportunity to demonstrate initiative to their superiors for reflection in their evaluation reports.


Rising Physicians Program

The Rising Physicians Program (RPP) is a mentorship opportunity created by medical students for medical students. While a sponsorship between first- and second-year medical students exists, there is currently no program that serves to bring medical students closer to residents or interns in hospitals. RPP will serve as a jump off point for the professional career of medical students by giving each student an opportunity to find a mentor who is currently an intern or resident at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

For Mentees - please click here to browse potential mentors (Warning - CAC access required): https://www.apps.capmed.mil/UsuMentoring/

2d Lt. Emily Ferraro

2d Lt. Tesserae Komarek