About the School of Medicine

2014 Annual Report

USU Simulation Center Recognized as One of the Best

The Val G. Hemming Simulation Center is the nation’s premier simulation center. At the SimCenter, medical procedures are simulated that are high-risk or highconsequence for patient safety. The simulations allow health care personnel to develop and maintain the cognitive and psychomotor skills necessary to perform medical tasks safely and effectively.

Students are taught with the widest range of simulations from living “standardized patients” to high-fidelity computerized mannequins, simulated surgical suites with task trainers (3-D replications of body parts such as a chest cavity or abdomen), virtual reality part-task trainers, and a 1,000-squarefoot immersive virtual reality theater. The center provides approximately 34,000 hours of simulation programming each academic year and is available to all medical and nursing students, interns, residents, and other health care professionals in the USU community. By the time they graduate, learners will have participated in as many as 40 different simulations.

Since its inception, the SimCenter has partnered with other public- and privatesector organizations engaged in medical simulation. One such partnership is the Mid-Atlantic Consortium, which focuses on assessing the clinical skills of students at eight medical schools in the mid-Atlantic region, including colleges and universities in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. 

Working in concert with its Mid-Atlantic Consortium partners, USU’s SimCenter recently secured re-accreditation by the American College of Surgeons for a third consecutive cycle. The facility is one of five centers nationwide to successfully achieve the College’s designation as an accredited site for simulation fellowship training.

The Consortium also secured accreditation by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in partnership with the Walter Reed Bethesda and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital simulation sites, representing a true collaborative joint venture. The dual accreditation is rare and illustrates the SimCenter’s ranking as one of the world’s best simulation facilities. 

The center continues to attract new learners to its Wide Area Virtual Environment facility, including the Capitol Hill Medical Group, U.S. Air Force medical group at Joint Base Bolling-Anacostia and USU students during their emergency medicine rotation.