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2014 Annual Report

USU Student Stars at Workshop

Navy Ensign Lyndsey Kiss, a fourth-year medical student, recently found herself propelled to the national level while fulfilling her work as a senior capstone student in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine’s Leadership Development curriculum. 

Three students from the Class of 2015— Kiss, Navy Ensign Jessica Winters and Army Second Lieutenant John Green—worked in collaboration with the Duke University Feagin Leadership Program throughout the summer of 2014 to pilot the leadership development curriculum, focusing on the development of new assessment tools to evaluate USU students’ progress and military leadership training. Kiss also teamed with medical students from Duke to complete a leadership curriculum development exercise and administer a research survey among medical school faculty who participated in their workshop. 

“I believe strongly in what USU represents and I felt privileged to have the opportunity to share this with other distinguished medical educators and leaders,” said Kiss. 

The new USU leadership development curriculum will be contrasted with the application of similar evaluations in a civilian environment at Duke, and both programs hope to improve their methods after comparing the results in their respective populations. The multi-faceted program at USU is consistent with the University’s commitment to develop the future leaders of our nation’s Military Health System. 

While most components of the leadership curriculum will be shared as universal experiences for all of USU’s future physicians, advanced practice nurses and graduate dental students, a smaller number of students have the opportunity to spend up to three months in concentrated research and education projects in leadership as part of the School of Medicine’s Capstone Program. These projects fulfill dual purposes: allowing students to develop their skills in building and assessing new curriculum elements while expanding the capacity and breadth of the overall program.