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Military Exercise


The Department of Military and Emergency Medicine is organized into four unique divisions:  Administration and Curriculum Support, Education, Leadership, Centers, and Programs, and Operations. 

Administration and Curriculum Support Division

The Administration and curriculum Support Division is responsible for administrative and clerical support for the Chair and staff, maintaining USU mandated file plans, financial support and processing, travel support, and personnel actions for all faculty and staff within MEM. The division is responsible for all academic support, implementation, and design. It is tasked to collaborate with faculty to conceive & design curriculum, build objectives, establish & build or produce materials needed for courses, populate & maintain MEM related curricular material on the student portal, and implement delivery of coursework to completionsuch as grading or filling. Responsibilities also include tasks that meet the definition of academic or education support.

Education Division

The Education division is subdivided into three areas of concentration: Emergency Medicine, Military Medicine, and Military Medical and History. The Emergency Medicine and Military Medicine sections have the responsibility for planning, coordinating, synchronizing, and delivering all emergency and military medicine and pre-hospital care curriculum to include pre-clerkship, post-clerkship and medical field practicum curriculum.  The Military Medical and History section supports military medical education activities through the use of military medical history and it provides subject matter expertise to teach the context of medical practice (medical history) in the USU military curriculum. 

Leadership, Centers, and Programs Division

Centers that fall under this division include the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) and the Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Manangement (DVCIPM).  Programs include the Traumatic Injury Research Program (TIRP), the Leadership, Edcuation and Development (LEAD) Program and the Integrative Medicine Program. For more information regarding specific centers and programs, click here.

Operations Division

The Operations division is directly responsible for planning, coordinating, and synchronizating all MEM medical field practicums and external operations. In addition, the Operations division has the responsibility for departmental strategic planning and assisting the USU Brigade as required.